hongkeng earthen building

Amazing Sea & Mountain Tour Combo

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Xiamen Arrival

With China Highlights your vacation starts the moment you touch down. Your private guide and driver will handle your luggage, transfer, and assist with check-in. The rest of the day is free for your exploration.

Day 2: The Hongkeng Earthen Buildings Tour
hongkeng earthen building

You will be driven about three hours from Xiamen to the Hongkeng Earthen Buildings in Yongding County.

In Hongkeng Village, you will see numerous earthen buildings round or square. These buildings look like an emerging mushroom, or a flying saucer, which caused an interesting misconception during the Cold War (1947–1991): the Western Countries believed that these buildings were China’s nuclear reactors. True or false, your decide!

Strolling in the village, see the unique and well-kept earthen buildings scattering by the streams and near the mountains. Feel the local people’s lifestyle and unfold the reason why the Hakka people built their apartment buildings in this fortress style.

After your Hongkeng Village discovery, you will be transferred back to Xiamen.

Day 3: The Gulangyu Island, South Putuo Temple, and the Hulishan Fortress tour
gulangyu island

You will spend a whole day to discover Xiamen, the most leisurely city in China. Today is packed:

South Putuo Temple: A quaint Buddhist temple first built in the Tang Dynasty (618—907). You can see the exquisite classic Chinese buildings and feel the peace brought by Buddhism there. 

Hulishan Fortress: Visit the Hulishan Fortress, the fortress will also show you many ancient military facilities and weapons, such as the emplacement, the barracks, the castle, the trench, double-edged swords, and firelocks. Your guide is at hand to show you and unlock aspects you would never discover on your own, or part of a group tour.

The Gulangyu Island: Take a leisurely strolling around the island to appreciate the graceful buildings built with styles from many countries and feel the slow-paced lifestyle in the island. You will visit the elegant Shuzhuang Garden by the sea. A visit to the Piano Museum in the garden is included.

You will flight to Wuyishan after finishing your Xiamen discovery.

Day 4: The Mount Wuyi Tour
Mount Wuyi

In Mount Wuyi you will view the most picturesque landscapes in Fujian Province. There you will unfold the origin of a kind of oolong tea — Dahongpao tea, and see the mother tea trees — six tea trees with a history of more than 340 years. Take a boat cruise down the Jiuqu Stream to view the elegant scenery consisting of towering mountains, verdant plants, blue skies, and clean water. The Danxia landform by river is a highlight in Mount Wuyi. 

The humidity weather endows the mountain with breathtaking seas of cloud. Don’t miss it. Due to many ancient painters and poets’ visiting Mount Wuyi for inspiration, there are many inscriptions in Mount Wuyi.

Day 5: The Xiamei Ancient Village Tour and Wuyishan Departure

A visit to the Xaimen Ancient Village will let you see what a prosperous village used to be in hundreds of years ago. Most of the dwellings in the village are built in the style popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The elegant ancient dwellings built with bricks, woods, and stone, together with the running 900-meter artificial waterway and the surrounding green mountains form a harmonious painting.

Your guide would have called to confirm your return trip. You will be transferred to the airport on time and accompanied to find the correct check-in desk. Have a nice homebound trip.

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