Tour Xi'an Restaurants

A Wa Shan Zhai Restaurant

Restaurant Name in Chinese: 阿佤山寨餐厅 Good to Know:
  • Noted for authentic Sichuan and Hunan food, freshly-cooked in a homely way.
  • Family-style decoration offers a relaxing dining moment after visiting the Terracotta Warriors & Horses nearby.

A Wa Shan Zhai Restaurant was established in 2004, mainly specializes in Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. It provides delicacy by using the material from Shanxi, obtaining a nationwide reputation from customers. It would be a nice choice to dine while traveling the nearby Terra cotta Warriors and Horses.

Address: Qinling North Road


Price:about CNY90 per person

Qianzhou Restaurant

Restaurant Name in Chinese: 乾州食府 Good to Know:
  • Widely loved by old Xi’an citizens, serves a full range menu of Shaanxi cuisine and snacks.
  • Guokui (Wok Pork), Tangjiao Noodles (Pouring-soup Noodles), Tofu and Qianzhou Four Treasures are the must-order dishes.

Qianzhou Restaurant is well-known for its local flavors and ingredients originating from Qian County. The style, Qianzhou Four Treasures is considered to be famous nationally. The specialties are of ancient origin from the Tang Dynasty and leave customers with great culinary memories.

Address: North side of intersection of Youyi West Street and Zhuque Ave, Yanta District


Price:about CNY90 per person

Real Love Restaurant

Restaurant Name in Chinese: 真爱餐厅 Good to Know:
  • Rich menu of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Hebei foods, Real Love Ribs, Papaya Salad and Old Shaanxi Dish are best recommendations.
  • Patio takes in nice view of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

Real Love Restaurant is located opposite the east gate of Small Wild Goose Pagoda and is one of the finest restaurants specializing in Shaanxi cuisine. It has become popular for its elegant environment and excellent service.

Address: No.38 Middle Zhuque Road


Price:about CNY90 per person

Hantangtianxia Dumpling Restaurant

Restaurant Name in Chinese: 汉唐天下饺子馆 Good to Know:
  • Top recommendation is the dumpling banquet featuring 14 different flavored dumplings, fish, roast beef and other dishes.
  • Capacious dinning hall with Tang-dynasty royal court setting.

Situated near the city centre, this world-class restaurant can comfortably sit 400 diners in its auditorium. Dumpling banquet is its famous dish. The customers can taste different dumplings and number of dumplings has its meanings.

Address: No.18 Yangxiang Road


Price:about CNY90 per person

Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant

Restaurant Name in Chinese: 粤珍轩 Good to Know:
  • One of the best Cantonese restaurants in Xi’an, seafood products are fresh and straight delivered from Guangdong Province.
  • Friendly and efficient staff.

Yue Zhen Xuan Restaurant is located near the Hanguang Gate of Xi'an City Wall and has a capacity of 200 people. This restaurant features for Cantonese cuisine and seafood along with a great variety of refreshments. It has become popular for its elegant environment and excellent service.

Address: No.142 Huancheng South Road


Price:about CNY100 per person