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Tongren Shaman's Festival Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Arrive in Xining

Airport Transfer (Xining)

Day 2: The Wutun Monastery Tour

Our guide and driver will escort you from Xining to Tongren and visit Thangka Painter’s House.

Wutun Monastery (1.5 hours): There are two monasteries in Wutun village; one is upper Wutun Monastery, another is lower Wutun Monastery. These Monasteries is famous throughout Tibet for its beautiful artwork of Buddhist art of Thangka. Upper Wutun Monastery is magnificently decorated, and the surface of the entire assembly hall has been carved and painted with traditional Regong designs. Lower Wutun Monastery is just about 10 minutes' walk from the upper village. It boasts a much livelier monastery as the location for ceremonies and festivities that draw crowds of local worshippers.

Local Restaurant: The limited restaurant options mean that there is no choice available however our guide will organize the best available based on the season and the surroundings.

Visit Thangka Painter’s House: Visit the Thangka painter’s house get to know the person how to painting.

Day 3: The Shaman's festival Tour

Shaman's festival: Shaman's festival is a traditional folk festival which takes place in many of the small villages around Tongren presided over by each village's local shaman. There are numerous ceremonies and activities including ritual dances, the beating of holy drums, the singing of folk songs, and shaman going into trances.Some people find this festival exciting and exotic and enjoy watching the ritual piercing of cheeks of all the young men in the village, the men dancing a drum dance with pierced backs, and the shaman in trance climbing the dragon pole then cutting his forehead with a knife.

Day 4: The Longwu Monastery and Dongguan Giant Mosque Tour

Dongguan Giant Mosque (30 minutes): It's located on the south side of the East Dongguan Road in Xining. The well-known Dongguan Giant Mosque is the center where more than 100,000 Moslems in Xining practise their religion. It’s the largest-scale mosque in Qinghai Province, with a long history. It's called one of the four major mosques of Northwest China, with the Huajue Temple in Xi'an, the Qiaomen Temple in Lanzhou and the Aitike'er Mosque in Kashgar, Xinjiang.

Longwu Monastery (2 hours): It is one of the leading monasteries in Amdo with 800 lamas. Longwu Temple is one of the Gelukpa (Yellow Hat) sects and is known as a center of Tibetan Thangka painting. It was founded in 1301 and is the largest Gelukpa temple in the Qingnan Area covering about 100 hectares.

Our guide and driver will escort you from Tong ren to Xining.

Day 5: Depart Xining, Flight not included

Hotel to airport Transfer (Xining)

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