Tibet Biking

Tibet Cycling Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Flight to Lhasa

You will receive a warm welcome from the guide at the airport after your reach Lhasa. Then the private driver will take you to the hotel.

Day 2: Lhasa – the Potala Palace, Jorkhang Temple, Barkhor Street
tibet potala palace

The Potala Palace was built to welcome the bride Princess Wencheng, by the ancient Tibetan King Srongtsen Gampo. The whole building looks like a huge solider wearing pure white uniform, guarding this holy land. Take a climb up a vast, awe-inspiring maze of corridors and stairs to the countless elegant pavilions. The decorations, Buddha statues have been well-preserved by the government.
Jorkhang Temple is one of important Tibetan Buddhism temples in Lhasa. Many local people pray in Jorhkang Temple every day.
Barkhor Street is a popular area for you to hang out and buy something special. You can also see the typical lifestyle of Tibetan people.

Day 3: Lhasa - Quxu Bridge

Today is an easy day. After breakfast in the hotel, bike the 71 KM, about 4 hours from Lhasa to Quxu Bridge. In evening, after settling into camp, you can walk to the Yarlung Zangbo River to get a great view of the sunset.

Day 4: Lhasa - Biking from Quxu Bridge (3593M) – Kampala Pass(4793M)- Nagartse(4450M)

After breakfast ride from Quxu Bridge to Nagartse County. The first section is 30KM to Kampala pass. The trail meanders through villages of mud-walled houses and pastoral farmlands. Take the opportunity to visit the Yomdrok Lake; a spectacular lake on the roof of the world. After have lunch and a rest, continue riding to our destination. Interact with local villagers with the assistance from your Tibetan guide. Set up camp at Nagartse village.

Day 5: Biking from Quxu Bridge – Nagartse, Palgor Chorten, Yomdrok Lake
yomdrok lake tibet

After have breakfast, after leaving Nagartse, the trail heads towards a valley and then to the top of Karo La, the first 5000 meter passes on your trip. Crossing Karo La (5110M) descend to the foot of Simi La at an elevation of 4330m through some beautiful Tibetan villages. After a light lunch and a rest, ride into a wide sandy valley and towards Gyantse. The trail crisscrosses barley fields and beside a flowing river. Visit the Palgor Chorten Monastery. No camping tonight as accommodation is in a comfortable hotel.
Praised as the lord of Tibetan stupas, Palcho Monastery is a unique Tibetan monastery due to its structure and building style. The paintings, sculptures, and other decorations in the monastery is exquisite.
In Yomdrok Lake, you can see many lovely small islands, which make this huge clean lake more beautiful. It provides abundant natural resources, and is the largest habitat for birds in Tibet.

Day 6: Biking from Gyantse - Shigatse, Tashilunpo Monastery
tashilunpo monastery

Today, ride from Gyantse to Shigatse on a sealed road. This road is more heavily trafficked as are the busy streets of Shigatse. In Shigatse visit the Tashilunpo Monastery which represents the Tibetan super architecture art in the Last Tibetan spirit. Accommodation is at a comfortable hotel.
Tashilhunpo Monastery is a historically and culturally important monastery. The buildings are located near the terraced fields, give magnificent views. Tashilunpo Kloster represents the Tibetan super architecture art in the Last Tibetan spirit. The walls of the monastery are red and white.

Day 7: Biking from Shigatse to Jiding County

Today is a leisurely with free time. After breakfast, sightseeing in Shigatse by yourself and have lunch. After lunch ride to Jiding County and set up camp.

Day 8: Biking from Jiding to Lhatse

After a light breakfast, the ride follows the Friendship Highway. The first section is 17km from Jiding County to Liuxiang village. The second leg is 40km ride to Tso la which has a clear view of the main Himalayan range. After lunch ride downhill to Lhatse County and stay at local hotel.

Day 9: Biking from Lhatse to Baiba

After breakfast, start today's ride with a gradual climb to the foot of Gyamtso La.
The Gyamtso La at 5220 meter is located approximately 15 kilometers from the Lhatse and is the highest pass of this biking adventure. The trail to the top of the pass is steep and rough in places. From the pass it is steep downhill ride amidst stunning views of Mt. Everest. Riding past small Tibetan settlements, see nomadic herdsmen en route to the camp at Baiba village.

Day 10: Biking from Baiba to Zhaxizong Village

Today the ride detours away from the main road to the Everest Base Camp. The road zigzags across the back wall of the valley overlooking a stunning view of the pass. The view from the top of the pass is breathtaking with the whole Himalaya range gleaming right before you. The tough climb to the pass is followed by a downhill ride to small Tibetan settlement where camp is established for the night.

Day 11: Biking from Zhaxizong to Mt.Everest Base Camp
mount everest in tibet

Today’s bike route is along the broken stone road with the first section from Zhaxizong Village to Quzong passing through Basong village. The ride is 1.5 hours and 23KM. After lunch continue to Rongbuk Monastery which lies 3 kilometers below the Everest Base Camp at an elevation of 4987m; then 3 km on gravel road to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. Stay at a local hostel.

Day 12: Dingri

Rongbuk Monastery, Mt. Everest Base Camp

Day 13: Biking from Mt.Everest Base Camp to Tingri

The first 16KM of today’s ride from Mt. Everest Base Camp to Monument Road 79 will take about 2 hours because the trail is extremely rocky and bumpy. Continuing the ride tour to the destination, the view of majestic Everest and Cho Oyu is stunning. The dirt road turns into a paved road on entering the small town of Tingri which is an unsheltered and windy settlement nestled underneath the enchanting Cho Oyu. The overnight camp will be at a small village.

Day 14: Biking from Gangga County to Menbu County

Starting with a little uphill climb, the ride makes its way along the edge of the valley following a river before it enters a lake sheltering a variety of Himalayan ducks. The views of Everest and Cho Oyu along the road are spectacular. Riding a further 22 km brings an excellent campsite which has green grass and crystal clear mountain rivulet and is at the foot of La Lung La.

Day 15: Biking from Menbu County to Zhangmu

After breakfast the first leg of 22KM is about 1 hour from Menbu County to La Lung La pass at 5017 meters offers excellent views of Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, Menlungtse and Gauri Shankar. A six kilometer downhill ride and a further seven kilometer uphill climb brings the top of the second pass - Thang La at 5126 meters. After spending some heavenly moments at the top of the pass begin ‘the world’s longest downhill’ biking adventure. A long pleasant downhill ride amidst superb mountain scenery brings finishes at Nylam. Then ride along the steep road dropping down through the gorge a further 15 kilometers amidst the green fields towards the Chinese border town of Zhangmu, at 2300 meters. Tonight stay at local hotel.

Day 16: Departure

As your tour of cycling in Tibet concludes today, the driver will take you to the airport on time. Sit back and relax, you earned it!

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