Essence Of Zhangye Tour

Suggested Itinerary
Day 1: Flight to Zhangye

You will be picked up at the airport on time by your private tour guide and driver to the hotel. And then the guide will help you check in.

Day 2: Zhangye - Grand Buddha Temple, Qicai and Binggou Danxia Landforms

Grand Buddha Temple has the largest indoor reclining Buddha of China – the Nirvan Buddha lies in this temple, which was built in Western Hsia period (1098). It is recorded that the premier of Western Hsia once discovered a Buddha covered by a bluish-green tile, thus the Grand Buddha Temple was initially built. Originally built in the Sui Dynasty and restored in 1926, the wooden tower is 9 storied with a height of about 40 meters. It is an essence among the wooden towers in China.

Located in Kangle Township, about 40km from Zhangye, Danxia landforms are the best evolved examples in China of window lattice and palace forms. They are only seen in the arid areas of Gansu and Qinghai provinces. Zhangye Danxia Geopark is composed of two parts: Qicai Danxia Landforms and Binggou Danxia Landforms. It is becoming a new love for photographers and nature lovers.

Qicai Danxia landforms are surrounded by colorful hills, which seem to rise and fall like waves. The rock strata of different colors are mixed in graceful disarray and are an imposing and magnificent sight. Dry and desolate, without any vegetation, geologists call this "window lattice and palace-shaped Danxia topography".

Distinguished from colorful Qicai Danxia Landforms, Binggou Danxia Landforms are flat colors but with more peculiar shapes. So it is said that going to Qingcai Danxia Landforms for its colors, and Binggou Danxia Landforms for its forms. Compared with Qicai Danxia Landforms, it’s less known.

Day 3: Zhangye - Mati Temple Grotto, Yugu Ethnic Family Visit

Mati Temple grotto is a scenic spot which embodies the art of grotto, the scenery of Qilian Mountain and the culture of Yugu Minority. This is a famous scenic spot 65 kilometers south of the city, which combines mountain views and cave art, small monasteries, villages and folk customs of the Yugu minority group. Enjoy the special culture and traditional lifestyle of Yugu ethnic group, their milk tea, hand-grab mutton, alley wine and their dance in the tent.

Day 4: Departure

As your tour of Zhangye concludes today, your private driver will take you to the airport on time with the guide. You will be without stress that your guide will help you check-in and get all formalities done. Goodbye and we are looking forward to your satisfaction and serving you again.

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