Yinchuan And Zhongwei Tour

Yinchuan and Zhongwei are two famous tourist cities in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. They are the home of the Royal Mausoleum of the Western Xia State, Mt. Helan Rock Carvings, Ming Dynasty Great Wall Ruins and the grassland and desert. Don't miss this opportunity.

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Duration: 5 Days

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Day 1

Place & Transport:Arrive in Yinchuan, Flight not included
Today's Activities:Airport Transfer (Yinchuan)

Day 2

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Xixia Mausoleum

Place & Transport:Yinchuan
Today's Activities:Helanshan Rock Carvings, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum, Xixia Mausoleum, Sai Shang Jiang Nan Sightseeing Garden and Medlar Shop
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Chinese matrimony-vine feast

- Helanshan Rock Carvings (1.5 hours): Tens of thousands of carvings have been found in the rocks of Helanshan Mountain and in the wild rocky plains surrounding it. In the Helanshan Mountain pass alone, over 4,000 depictions have been discovered including 726 facet carvings, about 1300 animal scripts and approximately 1600 pictographic scripts. Those scripts are of great historical and tourist value, and are treasured by both the Chinese government and the World Heritage Organization.
- Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum: The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum housed at the Chengtiansi Pagoda displays a large historical collection which extensively covers the region's civilization history over a span of 5,000 years. Objects from the ancient Western Xia Kingdom, along with the accompanying historical presentations, reveal tangible aspects of this long extinguished power
- Xixia Mausoleum (30 minutes): Xixia Mausoleum (40 minutes): The Royal Mausoleum of the Western Xia State is located at the foot of Mt. Helan, 35 kilometers form Yinchuan. Covering an area of 50 square kilometers, these tombs were used to bury 9 emperors and more than 140 royal family members and their servants who were buried alive with their masters. The neat layout of the mausoleum complex was considered a reflection of the prosperity of the capital of their kingdom. The tombs are in the shape of pyramid, hence its name the “Pyramid in China”.
- Chinese matrimony-vine feast: Because is situated at the position to be near at the scenic area, has may the edible fresh wild mushroom
- Sai Shang Jiang Nan Sightseeing Garden and Medlar Shop: It showcases Ningxia specialty – Medlar of all types. This is a place for looking for special, quality Medlar products. Customers have the opportunity to see the manufacturing process. They can enjoy picking fresh fruit and watching the natural scenery. There is no pressure to buy!
Tel: 0951-8025888
Address: Xixia area star string cable 7 kilometers place

Day 3


Place & Transport:Yinchuan to Zhongwei
Today's Activities:Tonghu Grassland in Tenggeli Desert, Shapotou, Our guide and driver will escort you from Yinchuan to Zhongwei
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Tonghu Grassland in Tenggeli Desert: The district is located at 18 kilometers northwest of the county site of Zhongwei County, Alxa League of Inner Mongolia. Tonghu Grassland Tourist District is surrounded by sand dunes with grass, fresh air and numerous migratory birds. With white Mongolian tents dotted around the area, the district is full of Mongolian customs and is as beautiful as a painting.
- Shapotou: Shapotou, around 150m km away from Yinchuan, is an oasis of farm stay sandwiched between the stark desert and the loess-filled Yellow River. Shapotou offers many adventure-filled experiences in a spectacular setting. Various activities are arranged for travelers including sand rafting, camel riding, and drifting along the Yellow River. Those with a delicate temperament may choose to sip a cup of coffee in a coffee bar, or join the locals for a lively chat, especially if you have a friend along who knows Chinese.

Day 4

Gaomiao Temple

Place & Transport:Zhongwei to Yinchuan
Today's Activities:Our guide and driver will escort you from Zhongwei to Yinchuan, Gaomiao Temple, 108 Pagodas at Qingtongxia
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch

- Gaomiao Temple: Gaomiao Temple is an impressive ancient building complex housing Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist religious figures. Over 260 towers and pavilions of different styles and sizes stand on a 2,000 square meters terrace. This complex exemplifies the architectural and artistic achievements of the region.
- 108 Pagodas at Qingtongxia (1 hour): Located on the west bank of the Yellow River, 90 kilometers from Yinchuan, these 108 Pagodas range in height from 2.5 to 3.5m. They are built in triangular of 12 rows. The pagoda at the tip of the triangle is bigger than the lower ones. They are all Lamaism pagodas with an octagonal Sumeru pedestal supporting the inverted-bowl-style main body crowned with a bead. These brick pagodas are all painted white. It is one of the few ancient pagoda complexes in China.

Day 5

The Shuidonggou Ruins

Place & Transport:Depart Yinchuan, Flight not included
Today's Activities:The Shuidonggou Ruins, China Hui Village Cultural Garden, Hotel to airport Transfer (Yinchuan)
Meals:Breakfast, Chinese Lunch at Yin Chuan Yin Xiang

- The Shuidonggou Ruins: The Shuidonggou Ruins have fossils that date to the later Paleolithic Age over 500,000 years ago as well as other sites. The ruins were discovered by a Belgian archaeologist in 1920 and contain three main sites, the Shuidonggou site, Great Wall from the Ming Dynasty and the hidden army site. The Shuidonggou site contains a spectacular collection of fossilized species including wild donkey, rhinoceros, hyena, antelope, cattle and pigs. In addition, there are also more than 11,000 stone tools and remnants of pre-historic human use of fire. The Ming Dynasty Great Wall was part of the military defense system in China. You can also see the maze from the ancient hidden army site, which now has 960m open for tourists. It was used as living quarters for the soldiers during the Ming Dynasty.
- China Hui Village Cultural Garden: Covering an area of 1000 acres, the China Hui Village Cultural Garden is situated in Najiahu Village, Yinchuan City. It is a great place to learn about the Hui minority and Muslim culture in China. You will visit the Museum of Hui Nationality (the largest Museum of Hui Nationality in China), folk village, mosque, performance hall, and Muslim culture exhibition.
- Yin Chuan Yin Xiang: Manages “the new faction Islamic vegetable” fashionable dining room

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Tour Code: YCH-02
Destinations: Zhongwei
Tour Length: 5 Days
Attractions: Helanshan Rock Carvings, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum, Xixia Mausoleum, Tonghu Grassland in Tenggeli Desert, Shapotou, Gaomiao Temple ( including the Hell), 108 Pagodas at Qingtongxia, The Shuidonggou Ruins
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