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How to cross the street in China?

Post by Victor Shu on May. 08, 2013. Destinations:

It is difficult to cross the street in China for those who are first in China. Some of my foreign friends found it a culture shock upon arrival to Beijing. People in China may cross the street anywhere they want, not necessarily on the zebra cross. But even they are crossing the street on the zebra cross, they are not necessarily cross the street when the green light is on, and it get worse... even you will cross the street on the zebra cross when the green li...Read More

My Bicycle Tour of Songshan Lake

Post by Annie Wu on Apr. 03, 2013. Destinations:

Songshan Lake is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, covering an area of eight square kilometers, surrounded by green hills. Along the lake, there is a 42 kilometer lakeside road, full of greenery, and fruit trees. It is a nice place to relax and to stay for leisure; it also has walking, jogging and cyc...Read More

Spring is coming in Guilin

Post by Lussie Lu on Feb. 26, 2013. Destinations:

In the spring everything is quite different from that in winter and all things are full of life. These also cheer us up. In China, from March to April the natural sceneries are very beautiful. I love to take some photo during this period. There are some good options in Guilin which are my favorite. 1. Peach Flowers ...Read More

Putuoshan Tour

Post by Lussie Lu on Feb. 18, 2013. Destinations:

Putuoshan is an Island belongs to Zhoushan city. It is about 300 km from Shanghai city and about 150 km from Ningbo city. In general, we will go to Putoushan from Shanghai or Ningbo...Read More

Yangtze River Cruise - Yangtze 2

Post by Lussie Lu on Jan. 18, 2013. Destinations:

In the end of 2012 my colleague and I took a Yangtze river cruise from Chongqing city. It lasted 4 days and the ship name is Yangtze 2, a 5 star ship. ...Read More

Jiangtou Village in Guilin

Post by JessicaZhao on Jan. 05, 2013. Destinations:

Time without travel makes me feel sad. Sometimes I just want to set down the endless work, run out of the city and let the mind travel. Finally it happened on a Saturday, some friends and I went to Jiangtou Village in Lingchuan County, North of ...Read More

Haixinsha Park

Post by Whitney Liao on Dec. 09, 2012. Destinations:

It is a free park, no entrance fee.  Around, there are Canton Tower, Guangzhou Opera, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou International Finance Center(Xi Tower), The Pearl River, Liede Bridge, etc.It was late Autumn time, the kapok(the hero flower especially in south China, as well as the city flower of Guangzhou) was ...Read More

One day Mt Yao tour

Post by Christy Luo on Nov. 26, 2012. Destinations:

  This weekend, my colleague and I, climb the highest Mountain in city area, Guilin- Mt Yao, which is located in theeastern suburbs of Guilin, 8 kilometers from downtown area. There are two methods to visit Mt Yao: cable car round way or just on foot.   This morning, we get up very...Read More

Yangshuo Tour

Post by Alice Cai on Nov. 13, 2012. Destinations:

My friends and I traveled to Yangshuo during the National Day. It has been a few years since the last time to Yangshuo. After this tour, I was really impressed by its beautiful landscape and cozy lifestyle. Boat drifting on Li River, enjoy the amazing scenery.  “The scenery of ...Read More

Ain’t No Mountain High - Hiking Trip in Liangjiang, Guilin.

Post by PeggieLv on Nov. 07, 2012. Destinations:

During this National Day holiday, my friends and I took a trip to the mountain in Liangjiang, Lingui County of Guilin. People might know Liangjiang for the Guilin ...Read More

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