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Travel to Guilin

Post by hemike on Aug. 05, 2013. Destinations:

Thereare many modes of transportation to get to Guilin. You can choose between air,railways, bus, city transportation. Each mode of transportation includescompletely different experiences.  If youchoose to travel by air to Guilin, which is the easiest way you will have toorganize a shuttle from you...Read More

Brook Wu say in 07/29/2013

Post by Brook Wu on Jul. 29, 2013. Destinations:

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Brook Wu say in 07/29/2013

Post by Brook Wu on Jul. 29, 2013. Destinations:

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kevin tesst

Post by Kevin Jiang on Jul. 25, 2013. Destinations:

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Photography Adventures: A pitch black adventure

Post by Andy Beales on Jul. 18, 2013. Destinations:

I recently I stayed in a local photographers guest house while developing a new photography focused route for China Highlights. To say that the photos surrounding the dining area were amazing is an understatement. Like a menu showing dishes these presented locations I might choose. My appetite grew, not only from the smell of the ginger frying but also the choice of the locations before me. I chose a remote peak which is best at sunrise. I then asked what time we should set out,...Read More

My In-Depth Tour of China

Post by jcv5 on Jun. 19, 2013. Destinations:

We had a great trip and you did a great job planning.  Really amazing.  It was such a big trip that in order to appreciate it you have to slowly go through the photos in order to remember it all.  It would have been better if we had listened more to your recommendations - you were right and we were wrong about the Yangtze cruise and some of the hotels.  Also, we had to compromise on the weather and we knew this in ...Read More

My Tour of Yangshuo

Post by henry0602 on Jun. 13, 2013. Destinations:

Last weekend, I made a trip to Yangshuo, where natural scenery is praised highly by many travelers. After this trip, I really impressed by the local farmer’s lifestyle, the delicious Li River fish and the stunning natural scenery there. Pictures...Read More

srilanka tour with us

Post by srilanka tour on Jun. 06, 2013. Destinations:

Indigo Ocean Tour Packages..... ...Read More