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My Tour of Yangshuo

Post by henry0602 on Jun. 13, 2013. Destinations:

Last weekend, I made a trip to Yangshuo, where natural scenery is praised highly by many travelers. After this trip, I really impressed by the local farmer’s lifestyle, the delicious Li River fish and the stunning natural scenery there. Pictures...Read More

srilanka tour with us

Post by srilanka tour on Jun. 06, 2013. Destinations:

Indigo Ocean Tour Packages..... ...Read More

How to cross the street in China?

Post by Victor Shu on May. 08, 2013. Destinations:

It is difficult to cross the street in China for those who are first in China. Some of my foreign friends found it a culture shock upon arrival to Beijing. People in China may cross the street anywhere they want, not necessarily on the zebra cross. But even they are crossing the street on the zebra cross, they are not necessarily cross the street when the green light is on, and it get worse... even you will cross the street on the zebra cross when the green li...Read More

Above and Beyond Customer service!

Post by SandyandJohn on Apr. 22, 2013. Destinations:

We have recently returned from our China Highlights tour and have never experienced such fantastic customer service and such a great informative and fun tour.  I wish China Highlights could arrange all my travel around the world as the guides and drivers were very professional yet fun and flexible in what we did for the day.  I especially thank Amy for holding my hand going up the chair lift to the Great Wall (fear of heights!)!  I would recommend them to any and all that wa...Read More

Around the World in 80 'Ways' by Yusuf Estes

Post by yusuf on Apr. 21, 2013. Destinations:

Salam alaykum (Peace be unto all), My name is Yusuf Estes. I travel all around the world. Really, in October of 2012 I went around the entire world from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, then on to Tokyo, Japan, then on to Doha, Qatar, then to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and  continued from there to ...Read More


Post by NICK on Apr. 12, 2013. Destinations:

Have just returned from Luohu again and i've got to say each time gets more and more fun! Ive written a post in this section before and i just need to write again! Met with LU who owns a shop in the mall and he took care of everything for me ,...Read More

My Bicycle Tour of Songshan Lake

Post by Annie Wu on Apr. 03, 2013. Destinations:

Songshan Lake is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, covering an area of eight square kilometers, surrounded by green hills. Along the lake, there is a 42 kilometer lakeside road, full of greenery, and fruit trees. It is a nice place to relax and to stay for leisure; it also has walking, jogging and cyc...Read More

Spring is coming in Guilin

Post by Lussie Lu on Feb. 26, 2013. Destinations:

In the spring everything is quite different from that in winter and all things are full of life. These also cheer us up. In China, from March to April the natural sceneries are very beautiful. I love to take some photo during this period. There are some good options in Guilin which are my favorite. 1. Peach Flowers ...Read More