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Kids Hip Hop Dance Class in Shanghai ~ Souldancing Studio

Post by Souldancing on Oct. 29, 2013. Destinations:

Souldancing brings you a fun,energetic Kid's Hip Hop Dance Class every Saturday and Sunday. ...Read More

China International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Foo

Post by echochen on Oct. 29, 2013. Destinations:

14th China International Food Exhibition And Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition 2014(IFE2014)  Date: May 27-29, 2014 Venue: China Import &Export Fair Complex, Area C (No.980 Xinggang East Road, Guangzhou) Sponsors:  China National Food Industry Association Chinese Cereals And Oils Association Oil and Fat Processing Sub-Association China Agricultural Economy Development Association...Read More

One day Longji Terraced Fields Tour

Post by Rebecca on Oct. 27, 2013. Destinations:

Longji terraces were frist cultivated in Yuan Dynasty. After about 650 years, the Zhuang and Yao people finally cultivated today’s ...Read More

Beijing to Laos by bike

Post by Paul on Oct. 07, 2013. Destinations:

see I am cycling from Beijing to Laos and keeping a blog on above site. I have a 6 month visa so plenty of time and want to enjoy rather than just cycle. I have very little cycling experience and not very fit. I try and include some humour...Read More

How to make money in China for foreign people?

Post by jape on Sep. 24, 2013. Destinations:

  Business Overview Business area in Tianhe District Guangzhou has been a well-known commercial port in China since the ancient times.&n...Read More

Night Taishan Mountain Climbing, My Trip to Mount Tai

Post by Anne on Sep. 10, 2013. Destinations:

  Climbed Mount Tai with my friends in 2011 Mid-Autumn Festival. Mount Tai facts. It is very hot to climb Mount Tai at night, you will not be alone. Climbing is relatively comfortable as temperature is lower at night, plus the precipitous and remote road at night is unseen, you will feel more relaxed. Classic night ...Read More

Hong kong-Beijing

Post by AlgimantasMiknevicius on Sep. 05, 2013. Destinations:

Dear Sir/Madam, on the 18th of September I am planning  to go from Hong Kong to Shenzhen train station and to catch there a train to Beijing. Could you advise me how to plan my time and to buy a ticket for a foreigner? Yours sincerely, AlgimantasRead More

Lijiang Ancient Town

Post by Frank Chan on Aug. 25, 2013. Destinations:

FeaturesOld Naxi architecture and special water system.Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage List special preservation area.Naxi Cuisine: The local Naxi cuisine features a lot of high-protein dairy and beef products like yogurt, yoghurt-honey-fruit blends, yak milk tea, yak cheese, warm yak milk, yak steak and yak butter. This is unusual in China. Yaks are related to cows and buffalos. Of course, there are many kinds of restaurants in t...Read More