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Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street

La Seine Restaurant Franca is a French restaurant with French style decor. The elegant and chic environment can bring customers vivid experience of upper class. Above all, customers can appreciate the authentic French dishes including goose liver, French snail, cheese cake without being in France. Offering the Pearl view and both outdoor and indoor seating.

Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street

Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street

Address: Beijing Road

Chinese Name: 北京路步行街

Chinese Address: 北京路

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrain Street

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrain Street

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrain Street

Shangxiajiu Lu Pedestrian Street is the first commercial pedestrian street in Guangzhou. Visitors can buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, jade articles, gourmet food and tea while appreciating Qi Lou (a kind of featured and antique building reflecting strong culture of south China) along the street.

Address: Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road, Dishifu Road, Liwan District

Chinese Name: 上下九步行街

Chinese Address: 荔湾区上九路、下九路、第十甫路



Zhuangyuan Fang Alley

Commodities in Zhuangyuan Fang are priced in the mass consumption levels. Zhuangyuan Fang is a small alley only about 200 meters, but it attracts plenty visitors everyday by its fashionable clothes, ornaments and trinkets. It is a popular place among the young people.

Address: Zhuangyuan Fang, Renmin Nan Lu

Chinese Name: 状元坊

Chinese Address: 人民南路状元坊

The Palace Mall in China Hotel

The Palace Mall in China Hotel is a famous place for visitors enjoying leisure and shopping. Hundreds of stores offer world famous brand fashions including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Ferragamo and Hugo Boss. China Hotel offers dining and entertainment services besides shopping.

Address: The 1st Floor, China Hotel, No.100, Liuhua Road, Yuexiu District.

Chinese Name: 中酒名店城

Chinese Address: 广州市越秀区流花路100号中国大酒店一楼

Nonglinxia Xialu Commercial Street

Nonglinxia Lu Commercial Street is the largest commercial district in Dongshan District. Most commodities are priced in middle range. The main commodities in the street are clothes, shoes, bags and characteristic snacks.

Address: Nonglinxia Road, Dongshan District, Guangzhou

Chinese Name: 农林下路商业街

Chinese Address: 广州市农林下路

Popular Front Underground Mall

Popular Front offers all kinds of snacks from Japan, America and Taiwan. Numerous fashion products can meet the demands of those people interested in Japanese and South Korean fashion.

Address: No.25-27, Zhongshan Road, Yuexiu Districet.

Chinese Name: 流行前线

Chinese Address: 越秀区中山路25-27号

Hualin Jadeware Street

Hualin Jadeware Street is about 500 meters long, gathering over 80% jadeware merchants of Guangzhou. The history of Hualin Jadeware Street can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty (from 1636 to 1911), and it has become one of the professional jadeware markets in China

Address: Hualin Jadeware Street

Chinese Name: 华林玉器街

Chinese Address: 荔湾区下九路

113th Canton Fair Hotels

Pazhou Complex Hotels

117th Canton Fair Hotels
Sha Xing Hotel
Sha Xing Hotel
To Pazhou Conplex: 7.4KM
Paco Business Hotel
Paco Business Hotel
To Pazhou Conplex: 10.2KM