China's National Emblem

The five stars have the same meaning with the ones on National Flag.

The golden gear represents the workers. The wheat represents the peasants. The connection of them represents the Worker-Peasant Alliance led by the Working Class of China.

The Castle of Tian'anmen Square represents the great Revolutionary Traditions and magnificent National Spirits of Chinese people, meanwhile, it is the symbol of Beijing - the capital of People's Republic of China.

The colors of the National Badge are red and golden, the 2 colors reflect people's wish of being fortunate and show the magnificence.

The whole badge symbolizes the New Democratic Revolution began with the May Fourth movement and foundation of People's Republic of China, with the constitution People's Democratic Dictatorship, on the base of Worker-Peasant Alliance, and under the leadership of Working Class.

The Chinese National Badge was designed by Liang sicheng, Lin huiyin and other 6 experts and finally confirmed by Gao Zhuang.

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Questions and Answers About China's National Emblem

max r 2012-05-12
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how much is my 5 wu jiao worth now because it is from 1980 and how much would my 1 yi yuan be worth because it is from 1990
Hi Max, You may can check them with the bank. We are a tour agency located in China, if any tour enqiry, just elt me know. Regards, Coco Coco Yang replied on 2012-05-12
Nwa 2011-11-02
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Every gate in china has two golden dragons with what I think is the "globe" in the middle. What does this mean? please be as open as possible -no secrets for easy understanding. I've been trying to find out for 7 yreas I've lived in China.
Dear Nwa, There is an old story goes that the dragon often made damages to the crops and cattles at night. So the residents called a man named Zhang Daoling to put a "globe" in the dragon's mouth to make it stop making the damages. Candice Song replied on 2011-12-05
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