China's National Flag

tiananmen squareTiananmen Flag Raising Ceremony

The National Flag of China has bright red bases with five golden stars adorning it on the upper left side corner. The star on the left is larger than the other four, and it represents the Communist Party of China. The other four represents millions of Chinese people. The bright red color represents the great and sacred communist revolution led by Communist Party of China. The whole flag means Chinese people can overcome all the difficulties, defeat all the enemies and invaders and succeed in all the revolutions and constructions under the leadership of Communist Party of China.

On October 1st, 1949, the present Chinese flag was first hoisted in the Tiananmen Square on the occasion of the foundation of the People's Republic of China.

The designer of National flag is Zeng liansong (1917-1999) he was an economist in Shanghai, also a member of the standing committee of the CPPCC Shanghai committee. When he was young he joined the Liberation War against Japan. In 1999, he died of illness.

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Questions and Answers About China's National Flag

Rosie 2011-11-09
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What sports do they play in China???
Dear Rosie, can you explain who is this 'they' in your question? Then I can answer your question targetedly. Thank you! Lynn Ye replied on 2011-11-14
molly 2011-10-01
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what does the chinese flag mean
Hi, molly, I think this page ( has all things about the Chinese flag guest replied on 2011-10-02
samioa 2010-12-13
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whats the ppopulation in china &how much would a 4 bedroom house be
Hi Samioa, We are currently having the census data collected nationwide and should have the exact population in the country in a few months, until then the population announced is 1.3 billion. A 4-bedroom house costs differently in different cities, and it differs even in different areas in a city. The cost per square meter can be varied from CNY2000 to CNY10000 for your reference, villas are more expensive than apartments. Candy Wei replied on 2010-12-14
laddiy 2010-12-13
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why does china never know what day new years land on
Hi Laddiy, I have a different point of view when talking about how Chinese people calculate the New Year date. We calculate the New Year date based on the traditional lunar calender, the calender is made under close observation on the moon movements (the time it takes to move around the earth), and how it affects the weather and farming. The calender is not only for checking the time of the year, but also of great importance on farming guidance. The calender can be calculated to many more years according to certain formula. Calculating the New Year dates in the lunar calender is one of the traditions in the country, we are proud of it and the tradition will go on. Thanks for your attention! Candy Wei replied on 2010-12-13
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