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China Overview – Reasons to Visit China

China has the greatest number and variety of world-class tourist attractions of anywhere in the world. China’s tourist appeal is emphasized by being so culturally different from countries outside of East Asia. If you are looking for a trip that is exotic, packed full of new sights and experiences, stimulating and over all different, China is the place to go. See China's Top 10 Tourist Cities.

China has a vast amount to offer tourists: attractions galore — spectacular scenery, exotic culture, rich in history, and all with the buzz of activity and change that makes it the fastest developing country in the world.

Why Should I Go and See China?

World Heritage Sites in China

In 2010, 40 noteworthy Chinese sites were inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritages List. Twenty-nine of these were inscribed as World Cultural Heritage Sites, seven were inscribed as World Natural Heritage Sites, and four were inscribed as both Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites. Read more about China's World Heritage. See also China's Top Historical Cities.

Giant Pandas

China is the best place in the world to see giant pandas (seeing them in the wild is difficult and costly, but can also be arranged). Alongside the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, the Li River, etc., China’s giant pandas are becoming one of China's must see attractions. Read more about Pandas in China.

Chinese Culture

China has a history of over 4,000 years, and a culture that is as rich as the history is long. Chinese culture has many popular aspects:

Chinese Food: Food has a special meaning to the Chinese people, and Chinese food has distinctive culinary styles all its own. The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal ingredients, prepared with a minimum of fuss, with beautifully balanced color, texture, and presentation.

Chinese Festivals: Chinese people celebrate a seemingly endless series of festivals during the course of a year. Most of these festivals take place on important dates in the Chinese traditional calendar.

Chinese Kung Fu: Kung Fu, also known as wushu or martial arts, is one of the most well-known examples of traditional Chinese culture.

Beijing Opera: As a national treasure with a history of at least 200 years, Beijing Opera is the most significant of all operas in China. It has a rich repertoire and a great number of artists and audiences, which has given it profound influence in China. It is a significant aspect of Chinese culture.