Food Intolerances

Those people that have people that have gluten and food additive intolerances can use the information below to explain to the staff at the restaurant how they should prepare your food.

  • The kind of disease I have prevents me from eating the food which is made of wheat, rye, barley and barley because the gluten in this kind of food makes me ill.
    This problem I have is that any gluten in the food will cause a problem to small intestine. The best treatment is to making every effort to stay away from this kind of food.
    Food intolerances
  • Any food made of flour, wheat, rye, barley, like bread, doughnut, cake, pie, crackers, noodles, macaroni, or any flavoring, crumbs of bread and cakes are forbidden.
    food intolerances
  • These product that contains wheat starch, malt or flavor that contains malt may found in the following kind of food: chicken essence, processed meat, flavor, soy sauce or salad dressings.
    food intolerances
  • I am able to eat meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as rice and potato.
    Food Intolerances
  • Please choose the dishes that fit me from the menu. I appreciate your help and all your suggestions.
    Food Intolerances
  • Note; Please use another pan to cook it for me!
    Food Intolerances
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Questions and Answers About Food Intolerances

David Armstrong 2014-01-11
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I am lactose intolerant so avoid as far as possible drinks containing milk and food items containing milk. Is this likely to be a problem in China?
Dear David, Many kinds of drinks and food in China do not contain milk, so don't worry about this problem. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-01-13
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