2014 Chinese Zodiac Sign Predictions for Horse, Goat, Dog, Pig, Monkey, and Cockerel


Love: 2014 will see variable fortune for Horses in love. If you are single, you may expect new encounters but, sadly, these will not be of a romantic nature. If you are married, be wary of quarrels; you may need to rethink your position on some issues, but good will come out of it should you do so. This year, new marriages may prove more difficult than in other years. Horses generally should be wary of friction within their relationships this year; disagreements are liable to becoming particularly heated.

Career: Be particularly wary of competitive colleagues and other potential rivals at work. You will have many choices this year in the path of your career, but should you choose to take them you will face stiff competition. Those in the public sphere need to be particularly wary of this, and of underhand behavior on the part of underlings. Private business is also likely to face difficulties in the year ahead.

Wealth: Horses should not trust to luck this year; the outlook is unstable, and caution is required. Any gains are liable to be offset by additional expenses. Though there are some auspicious signs, these are unpredictable, so treat any seemingly glowing opportunity with care.

Health: As the Chinese appropriately say, 'horse-horse, tiger-tiger', a phrase meaning 'so-so'. Take particular care of your health and safety. This particularly applies should you find yourself around – or worse, on – lakes or rivers in the fifth lunar month.

General Outlook: 2014 will prove a challenging year. There are too many malevolent stars that will beset you for you to walk away unscathed, so be cautious on the larger issues that you may be affected only by those smaller and of lesser importance. You yourself will be prone to error, so heed advice from friends and elders. Make sure you have a solid financial plan this year so as not to enter into crisis on that front, and don't take any financial risks. Be wary of your relationships; approach them with caution and keep your temper. This year in particular, you will need others to be cooperative and on-side.


Love: 2014 will be a stable year for Goats. Relationships will be harmonious with couples experiencing little friction. All will be peaceful. In seeking romance this year, singles will find the advice of their elders particularly helpful.

Career: This will be a year of steady progress. There will be few wonderful opportunities or great changes, so this is a year to consider consolidating your career, keeping up the good work and building upon that for the future. However, depend upon yourself this year more than upon others. People may prove somewhat untrustworthy. Maintain the focus upon yourself and your own efforts rather than upon any cooperative enterprise.

Wealth: Though generally positive, be wary should you decide to invest in any new project or undertake cooperative activities. These are unlikely to pay off. The luck you have this year is likely to arise out of those things in which you already have an investment.

Health: Though this may vary widely this year between individual Goats, on average, health will be maintained at an intermediate level. Of particular concern are respiratory diseases. Keep warm in colder weather or you are likely to develop a severe cough.

General Outlook: 2014 will be an even, stable year bringing little in the way of either good or bad luck. Do not strive for benefits; these will tend to bring harm along with them that balances any benefit out. Thus promotion, for example, will face obstacles this year and be unlikely to prove of value. Build upon what you have, improve upon your own professional and other skills and consider this as a preparatory year for better things to come. Be wary of those around you; this should be a year of introspection, not a year in which to reach out to others.


Love: A challenging year for Monkeys. An up-and-down year for singles with opportunities soon lost, and a year in which couples need to be able to communicate well so as to avoid their own ups and downs. Constant vigilance needs to be maintained if relationships are not to deteriorate. This year, more than most, pay attention to your relationship.

Career: An average year. Do not try to hard, the signs are not auspicious, but – at the same time – do not be too cautious. They are not inauspicious either. Other people may be useful to you this year, so build upon those relationships you already have, and try to develop new ones. Take things slowly, but steadily, and all should be well.

Wealth: An unspectacular year for Monkeys; little to fear, little to cheer about. Keep a steady course; this is not your year for big investments, hurried decisions or high expectations. Give in to these and it will run against the stars and no good can come of it. Be conservative, and avoid opportunities that seem to promise more than is reasonable.

Health: Highly variable from Monkey to Monkey, 2014 should be fairly stable overall when it comes to health. Make sure you maintain a good balance between work and play and treat your body responsibly. The worst you are likely to suffer will be minor ailments. However, do not exert yourself, particularly in the working environment, and take care of your circulation, particularly if you have high blood pressure.

General Outlook: Though 2014 is set to start poorly, it will develop with ever-increasing benefits, so enter the year with caution and you will be rewarded. That is not to say rewards will come easily; there will be many obstacles, particularly in the path of any larger enterprise, so go carefully. A year for caution, but not anxiety.


Love: This is an auspicious year for Cockerels. Singles will find new admirers, and several of them, in their social life. Though couples are likely to see some considerable fluctuation in their emotional relationship, sincerity will see them through. Considering the prognosis for the year overall, relationships will emerge stronger than they entered it.

Career: 2014 is a good year for growth and to be ambitious. Others will prove supportive and useful, so do not spurn opportunities for cooperation. Business expansion, even a business start-up could prove beneficial this year in particular. However, be sure to maintain harmony in business relationships. This is a good year to exploit them, and so a very bad year in which to spoil them.

Wealth: Keep your head about you, and this could turn out to be a profitable year, perhaps even a very profitable year. Do not get carried away, though, and overplay your hand; your luck can only carry you so far, and only for as long as you remain vigilant. If you seek out new opportunities you will be likely to find them, and good ones at that. This is a particularly good year to take advantage of any particularprofessional skills you may have developed, and to put them into practice.

Health: Though a healthy enough year with no major threats, be wary of large changes in temperature, and steer clear of polluted or foetid air. You are vulnerable this year to respiratory illnesses above all.

General Outlook: A good year, all-in-all, auspicious stars are with you. An excellent year for development in terms of relationships, love, career and wealth. However,business is marginally favored over romance, so concentrate somewhat more of your effort in that direction if a choice needs to be made.


Love: This is an excellent year for singles on the search for that special partner in the hope of saying goodbye to all that forever. However, you will need to be proactive. Get out and about, socialize. Be available for it and it will come to you. Sit at home and nothing will happen.

Career: 2014 should be a cautious year for Dogs. Progress is possible, but it will not come unhindered. There will be obstacles and complications, though success is possible once these are overcome so it may be worth considering regardless. Even an attempt at consolidation this year will prove difficult with unforeseen events arising to change things that may currently appear stable.

Wealth: Though likely to increase in 2014 as a whole, there will be pitfalls along the way. These are to be avoided as much as possible, so go with stable investments rather than taking risks. Wait for reasonable opportunities to arise – don't go seeking them out too enthusiastically – and take things slowly. Make sure you have sufficient reserves for the downs that are inevitable through the year if you are to reap your rewards at the end of it.

Health: This is a year in which you should take care, both at work and at play. Beware of blood and heart conditions. The elderly should take it easy and get sufficient sleep. Accidents are possible this year. Be wary of flood and fire, and drive carefully, most particularly if driving is an aspect of your work.

General Outlook: Though a half-and-half year for Dogs overall, the good half may be supplemented, the bad reduced with caution and care. Take that into consideration and all should be well overall. However, be somewhat wary of others this year. You are likely to meet exploitative individuals. Take advantage of others' strengths, but do so fairly. Those you can rely on will be particularly supportive this year, particularly in matters of business.


Love: Good opportunities are rare for seekers of love. That should be taken into consideration by single Pigs this year. The most likely outcome is that nothing in the way of an opportunity will arise. However, should something do so, then that opportunity is likely to be excellent and lasting. Don't expect too much but, should an opportunity come and seem auspicious, seize upon it. Meanwhile, couples should avoid potentially troublesome social occasions. These are likely to bring disharmony into the relationship.

Career: For pigs, this is a year to be opportunistic. A highly auspicious year overall, work should go smoothly and partnerships will prove fruitful. Work hard. Any difficulties you encounter are likely to be temporary, so be patient and work, work, work. It's likely to be an uneventful year for love, so you'll have plenty of time on your hands for that.

Wealth: In considering your opportunities for making a profit beyond hard work, there will be chances, but the risks accompanying them may be too great for speculation to be advisable. Threats also come from outside upon those things you already have, so keep your possessions safe and consider the security of your home. Make sure this year is backed up with a solid financial plan overall. As already stated, this is a good year to capitalize on hard work and speculation within your career, but other opportunities should not be pursued.

Health: Neither an auspicious nor an inauspicious year, the best advice is to look after yourself generally. Keep your mind and mood steady this year, these are vulnerable areas and, if this is maintained, then the body should follow in stable good health. Should you become too emotional this year, it may lead to physical ailments. In particular, avoid situations that make you angry and, should some frustration arise, remain calm. Children should be guarded against hot liquids this year. Be particularly careful when they are partaking of soup or hot drinks, and keep them away from sources of boiling water.

General Outlook: A good year overall which should see steady improvements in most areas given auspicious stars. You will find the people around you to be generally positive, helpful and beneficial. Do not hesitate to grasp career opportunities this year. However, please bear in mind throughout: "Joy at its height engenders sorrow." Do not get carried away, seeing opportunities as greater than they are, or overspending with success in the over-sure expectation of more to come. Cautiously take your good fortune where you find it rather than get too excited at any success, and you will capitalise upon the year overall.

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