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Cruises in China

Taking an international cruise to China? Find information on China's major cruise ports, where your ship will berth, China's cruise calendar, and cruise tours on this page.

China cruise map

Major Ports in China

Tianjin Cruise Terminal

Tianjin Cruise Port

Tianjin Port is the largest cruise port in China and the main gateway to Beijing. It is often referred to as Beijing’s port. Most international cruise ships to China stop at this port.
Shanghai Cruise port

Shanghai Cruise Port

Shanghai Cruise Port is an important port of call on all Asia Pacific cruises. There are three cruise terminals at Shanghai port and most cruise ships use Wusongkou Cruise Terminal.
Hong Kong cruise port

Hong Kong Cruise Port

Hong Kong is one of the most important ports in the Asia Pacific region. The two cruise terminals, Hong Kong-Ocean Terminal and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, are able to berth the world's largest ships.
Qingdao Cruise Port

Qingdao Cruise Port

Qingdao, in eastern China's Shandong Province, is a clean and beautiful costal city. Sometimes spelled Tsingtao it is well-known for its elegant European buildings.
Dalian Port

Dalian Cruise Port

The Port of Dalian, founded in 1899, is situated at the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula, on the Yellow Sea, in Liaoning Province. It is the northern most ice-free port in China.

Xiamen Cruise Terminal

Xiamen Cruise Terminal

Xiamen cruise terminal has an annual capacity of 1,500,000 visitors. It is designed to berth large cruise ships and to provide service for the Xiamen-Jinmen ferry route. It meets all the world-class standards of an international passenger ferry terminal.

China Cruise Calendar 2014

Celebrity Millenuim Cruise Itinerary I in China

Sep. 28Day 1Yokohama / Japan
Oct. 7Day 10Tianjin / China6:00
Oct. 8Day 11Tianjin / China
Oct. 9Day 12Tianjin / China18:00
Oct. 10Day 13At Sea
Oct. 11Day 14At Sea
Oct. 12Day 15Shanghai / China7:00

Celebrity Millenuim Cruise Itinerary II in China

Oct. 12Day 1Shanghai / China20:00
Oct. 13Day 2At Sea
Oct. 14Day 3At Sea
Oct. 15Day 4Tianjin / China6:00
Oct. 16Day 5Tianjin / China
Oct. 17Day 6Tianjin / China18:00
Oct. 25Day 14Yokohama / Japan9:00

Sapphire Princess Cruise Itinerary I in China

DateDate 2DayPort/DestinationArrivalDepartureExcursions
Sep. 20Oct. 24Day 1Singapore / Singapore19:00
Sep. 28Nov. 1Day 9Hong Kong / China8:00
Sep. 29Nov. 2Day 10Hong Kong / China19:00
Oct. 7Nov. 10Day 18Tianjin / China4:00

Sapphire Princess Cruise Itinerary II in China

DateDate 2DayPort/DestinationArrivalDepartureExcursions
Oct. 7Nov. 10Day 1Tianjin / China18:00
Oct. 8Nov. 11Day 2At Sea
Oct. 9Nov. 12Day 3Shanghai / China12:0023:00
Oct. 15Nov. 18Day 9Hong Kong / China8:00
Oct. 16Nov. 19Day 10Hong Kong / China19:00:00
Oct. 24Nov. 27Day 18Singapore / Singapore5:00

Ms Amsterdam Cruise Itinerary I in China

DateDayDestination / ExcursionArrivalDepartureExcursions
Sep. 211Seattle, Washington / USA West Coast16:00
Oct. 1222Tianjin (Beijing)/ China8:00
Oct. 1323Tianjin (Beijing)/ China18:00
Oct. 1424At Sea
Oct. 1525Qindao / China8:0017:00
Oct. 1626Shanghai / China22:30
Oct. 1727Shanghai / China
Oct. 1828Shanghai / China
Oct. 1929Shanghai / China18:00
Oct. 2030At Sea
Oct. 2131At Sea
Oct. 2232Hong Kong / China8:00
Oct. 2333Hong Kong / China19:00
Dec. 980San Diego, California / USA West Coast7:00

Ms Volendam Cruise Itinerary I in China

Mar. 16, 2015Day 1Singapore / Singapore16:00
Apr. 13Day 29Hong Kong / China7:0017:00
Apr. 14Day 30At Sea
Apr. 15Day 31At Sea
Apr. 16Day 32Shanghai / China8:00
Apr. 17Day 33Shanghai / China17:00
Apr. 18Day 34At Sea
Apr. 19Day 35At Sea
Apr. 20Day 36Tianjin (Beijing) / China7:00
Apr. 21Day 37Tianjin (Beijing) / China19:00
Apr. 27Day 43Kobe / Japan7:00

Symphony Cruise Itinerary I in China

DateDayDestination / ExcursionArrivalDepartureExcursions
Mar. 22, 2015Day 1Hong Kong / China
Overnight stay onboard
Mar. 23Day 2Hong Kong / China
Overnight stay onboard
Mar. 24Day 3Hong Kong / China5:00
Mar. 25Day 4Xiamen (Fujian) / China8:0017:00
Mar. 26Day 5At Sea
Mar. 27Day 6Shanghai / China8:00
Mar. 28Day 7Shanghai / China
Mar. 29Day 8Shanghai / China17:00
Mar. 30Day 9At Sea
Mar. 31Day 10Dalian / China8:0016:00
Apr. 1Day 11Tianjin (Beijing) / China6:00

Nautica Cruise Itinerary I in China

Jan. 6, 2015Day 1Cape Town / South Africa
Feb. 20Day 46Hong Kong / China8:00
Feb. 21Day 47Hong Kong / China
Feb. 22Day 48Hong Kong / China18:00
Feb. 23Day 49At Sea
Feb. 24Day 50Keelung / Taiwan7:0015:00
Mar. 2Day 56At Sea
Mar. 3Day 57Shanghai / China9:00
Mar. 4Day 58Shanghai / China
Mar. 5Day 59Shanghai / China
Mar. 6Day 60At Sea17:00
Mar. 7Day 61Inchon (Seoul) / South Korea7:0017:00
Mar. 8Day 62Dalian / China11:0019:00
Mar. 9Day 63Tianjin / China
Overnight stay onboard
Mar. 10Day 64Tianjin / China

Insignia Cruise Itinerary I in China

Jan. 10, 2015Day 1Miami, Florida / USA East Coast17:00
Apr. 5Day 86Hong Kong / China8:00
Apr. 6Day 87Hong Kong / China12:00
Apr. 7Day 88Xiamen (Fujian) / China12:00
Apr. 8Day 89Xiamen (Fujian) / China18:00
Apr. 9Day 90At Sea
Apr. 10Day 91Shanghai / China13:00
Apr. 11Day 92Shanghai / China
Apr. 12Day 93Shanghai / China13:00
Apr. 13Day 94At Sea
Apr. 14Day 95Tianjin / China9:00
Apr. 15Day 96Tianjin / China22:00
Apr. 16Day 97At Sea
Apr. 21Day 102At Sea
Apr. 22Day 103Keelung / Taiwan7:0017:00
Apr. 23Day 104Kaohsiung / Taiwan9:0019:00
Jul. 9Day 180Miami, Florida / USA East Coast8:00

L´Austral Cruise Itinerary I in China

Mar. 20, 2015Day 1Hong Kong / China18:00
Mar. 21Day 2At Sea
Mar. 22Day 3Xiamen (Fujian) / China7:0019:00 
Mar. 23Day 4At Sea
Mar. 24Day 5At Sea
Mar. 25Day 6Shanghai / China7:00 
Mar. 26Day 7Shanghai / China17:00 
Mar. 27Day 8At Sea
Mar. 28Day 9Dalian / China11:3017:00 
Mar. 29Day 10Tianjin / China8:30

Seven Seas Voyager Cruise Itinerary I in China

Dec. 21Day 1Cape Town / South Africa19:00
Feb.5Day 47Hong Kong / China7:0021:00
Feb.6Day 48At Sea
Feb.7Day 49Xiamen (Fujian) / China8:00
Feb.8Day 50Xiamen (Fujian) / China18:00
Feb.9Day 51At Sea
Feb.10Day 52Shanghai / China8:00
Feb.11Day 53Shanghai / China18:00
Feb.19Day 61Dalian / China12:0020:00
Feb.20Day 62Tianjin / China
Overnight stay onboard
Feb.21Day 63Tianjin / China

China River Cruises

Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

A cruise up/down the Yangtze, offers unique encounters with China's rich cultural heritage as well as some spectacular vistas

Li River

Li River Cruise

Li River is one of the most beautiful rivers in China. A Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is one of the most popular activities in a Guilin holiday.

Huangpu River Cruise

Huangpu River Cruise

The Cruise offers a privileged view of the bridges that span the Huangpu and an excellent view of the famous colonial-era buildings that make up the Bund.

Pearl River Cruise

Pearl River Cruise

The evening cruise on the Pearl River is one of the tourist highlights in Guangzhou. The beauty of the Pearl River at night can be compared with that of Hong Kong's Victoria Park.

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