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Units of Measurements in China

China uses the metric system as the standard for measurement in weight, length, area, volume, etc. Also, an ancient standard of weights and measurements has been used by the Chinese people for more than 2,000 years, and many people are still using a part of the old system. As a result, both the ancient system and the metric system are widely used across the country.

A little knowledge of China’s units of measurements is very helpful to your shopping and communication in China. Please see below for conversion tables for the Chinese system, the metric system and the imperial system.

Units of Weight
Metric Chinese Imperial
0.454 Kg 0.908 Jin 1 Pound
0.5 Kg 1 Jin 1.102 Pounds
1 Kg 2 Jin 2.205 Pounds
Units of Length
Metric Chinese Imperial
1.609 Km 3.219 Li 1 Mile
0.5 Km 1 Li 0.311 Mile
1 Km 2 Li 0.621 Mile
0.305 m 0.914 Chi 1 Foot
0.333 m 1 Chi 1.094 Feet
1 m 3 Chi 3.281 Feet
Units of Area
Metric Chinese Imperial
0.404 Hectares 6.07 Mu 1 Acre
0.067 Hectares 1 Mu 0.165 Acre
1 Hectare 15 Mu 2.471 Acres
1km2 1500 Mu 0.39 Sq Mile
Units of Volume
Metric Chinese Imperial
4.546 Liters 4.546 Sheng 1 Gallon
1 Liter 1 Sheng 0.22 Gallon