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If you go to a restaurant in China you will usually be offered the restaurant's own complimentary tea. There are many many kinds of Chinese tea. Here are a few that might be on offer.

Chinese Tea Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Green Tea Lǜchá lyoo-chaa 绿茶
Black Tea Hóngchá hong-chaa 红茶
Wulong Tea Wūlóngchá oo-long-chaa 乌龙茶
Chrysanthemum Tea Júhuā chá jyoo-hwaa-chaa 菊花茶
Jasmine Tea Mòlìhuāchá mor-lee-hwaa-chaa 茉莉花茶
Mixed Herb Tea Liángchá lyang-chaa 凉茶
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Sīwà Nǎichá srr-waa neye-chaa 丝袜奶茶

If you require other drinks, there is usually a drinks menu to order from. The following are some of the things typically on the drinks menu.

Chinese Restaurant Drinks Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Coke Kělè ker-ler 可乐
Sprite Xuěbì sshwair-bee 雪碧
Beer Píjiǔ pee-jyoh 啤酒
Rice Wine Báijiǔ beye-jyoh 白酒
Red (Grape) Wine Hóngjiǔ hong-jyoh 红酒
White (Grape) Wine Bái Pútáojiǔ beye poo-taoww-jyoh 白葡萄酒
Fresh Fruit Juice Xiān Zhà Guǒzhī sshyen jaa gwor-jrr 鲜榨果汁
Apple Juice Píngguǒzhī ping-gwor-jrr 苹果汁
Pear Juice Lí Zhī lee jrr 梨汁
Orange Juice Júzi Zhī joo-dzrr jrr 橘子汁
Orange Juice Chéng Zhī chnng jrr 橙汁
Banana Juice Xiāngjiāo Zhī sshyang-jyaoww jrr 香蕉汁
Pineapple Juice Bōluó Zhī bor-lor jrr 菠萝汁
Mango Juice Mángguǒ Zhī mung-gwor jrr 芒果汁
Watermelon Juice Xīguā Zhī sshee-gwaa jrr 西瓜汁
Cucumber Juice Huángguā Zhī hwung-gwaa jrr 黄瓜汁
Coconut Juice Yēzi Zhī yeah-dzrr jrr 椰子汁

Some restaurants also serve coffee, which you may like to enjoy after a meal. Here are some of the names of coffees typically available.

Chinese Food Menus

Meat Dishes

Rice, Wheat, and Vegetarian Dishes

Soups, Hotpots, and Snacks

Regional Cuisines

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