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Sweet and sour fish Delicious Sweet and sour fish, a common fish dish.

Fish is popular all over China, taken fresh from rivers or reared in fish ponds, with sea fish popular in coastal areas. Often you can choose which fish you want at the restaurant by pointing at it in a fish tank. The fish will then be weighed and the price of the dish calculated.

The bones are seldom removed, so eat slowly. Taking bones from the mouth with the fingers and placing them on a side plate is usually considered the polite way to eat, rather than spitting them out. Fish are usually cooked whole, and most Chinese have no problem with eating the fish's head.

As fish has a very light flavor, other ingredients are added to give it what is considered "sufficient taste", particularly chilis, ginger and salt.

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Fish Dishes

Yangshuo Beer FishYángshuò píjiǔ yúYung-shwor pee-jyoh yoo阳朔啤酒鱼
West Lake Vinegar FishXīhú cù yúSshee-hoo tsoo yoo西湖醋鱼
Sichuan Poached Fish Fillets in Hot Chili OilSìchuān shuǐzhǔyúSrr-chwann shway-joo-yoo四川水煮鱼
Broth-Steamed Bassqīngzhēng lúyúChing-jnngloo-yoo清蒸鲈鱼
Hunan Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red PeppersHúnán duò jiāo yútóuHoo-nan dwor jyaoww yoo-toh湖南剁椒鱼头
Xiamen Boiled Fresh FishXiàmén shuǐ zhǔ huóyúSshyaa-mnn shway joo hwor-yoo厦门水煮活鱼
Zhuhai Yellow Bone FishZhūhǎi huáng gǔ yúJoo-heye hwung goo yoo珠海黄骨鱼
Zhengzhou Three Tastes CarpZhèngzhōu lǐyú sān chīJnng-joh lee-yoo san chrr郑州鲤鱼三吃
Dunhuang Twin Towers FishDūnhuáng shuāng tǎ yúDwnn-hwung shwung taa yoo敦煌双塔鱼
Shunde Chrysanthemum Sashimi (sliced fresh fish)Shùndé júhuā yú shēngShwnn-der jyoo-hwaa yoo-shnng顺德菊花鱼生
Sichuan Stewed EelSìchuān huángmèn mánSrr-chwann hwung-mnn man四川黄焖鳗

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