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The hot pot (火锅 huoguo /hwor-gwor/) has a long history in China. It originated in the north, where people ate it to fend off the severe winter chill. It spread to the south during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 906). Later, northern nomads who settled in China enhanced the hot pot with beef and mutton, and southerners did the same with seafood. In the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), the hot pot became popular throughout the whole of China. In some villages every meal of the winter is a hot pot meal!

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Hot Pot Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Cow Stomach Mao Du Maoww doo 毛肚
Cow Stomach Niu Bai Ye Nyoh beye yeah 牛百叶
Frozen Rolled Beef Niurou Juan Nyoh-roh jwen 牛肉卷
Frozen Rolled Mutton Yangrou Juan Yang-roh jwen 羊肉卷
Pork Tenderloin Liji Rou Lee-jee roh 里脊肉
Pig’s Kidney Zhu Yao Joo yaoww 猪腰
Pig’s Brain Zhu Nao Joo naoww 猪脑
Sausage Xiangchang Sshyang-chung 香肠
Luncheon Meat Wucan Rou Woo-tsan roh 午餐肉
Chicken Wing Jichi Jee-chrr 鸡翅
Chicken Feet Jizhua Jee-jwaa 鸡爪
Frozen Duck Intestine Ya Chang Yaa chung 鸭肠
Duck Tongue Ya She Yaa sher 鸭舌
Boneless Fish Slices Yu Pian Yoo pyen 鱼片
Fish Balls Yuwan Yoo-wann 鱼丸
Crab Sticks Xieliu Sshyeah-lyoh 蟹柳
Shrimp Meatballs Xiawan Sshyaa-wann 虾丸
Squid Youyu Yoh-yoo 鱿鱼
Quail Eggs Anchun Dan An-chwnn dan 鹌鹑蛋

Vegetarian Extras

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Bean Curd Skin Doufu Pi Doh-foo pee 豆腐皮
Instant Noodles Fangbianmian Fung-byen-myen 方便面
Edible Tree Fungus Muer Moo-er 木耳
Shitake Mushrooms Xianggu Sshyang-goo 香菇
Needle Mushrooms Jinzhengu Jin-jnn-goo 金针菇
Kelp Haidai Heye-deye 海带
Vegetables Shucai Shoo-tseye 蔬菜
Lotus Root Slices Ou Pian Oh pyen 藕片
Oriental Giant Radish Slices Bailuobo Pian Beye-lwor-bor pyen 白萝卜片
Coriander Xiangcai Sshyang-tseye 香菜
Bamboo Shoot Zhusun Joo-swnn 竹笋

Pots and Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Split Pot (spicy and plain sides) Yuanyang Guo Di Ywen-yang gwor dee 鸳鸯锅底
Spicy Pot Quan La Guo Di Chwen laa gwor dee 全辣锅底
Sesame Oil Dish Mayou Die Maa-yoh dyeah 麻油碟
Pickled Tofu Dish Furu Die Foo-roo dyeah 腐乳碟

Chinese Food Menus

Meat Dishes

Rice, Wheat, and Vegetarian Dishes

Soups, Hotpots, and Snacks

Regional Cuisines

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