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Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumplings (饺子 Jiaozi /jyaoww-dzrr/) can form a meal in themselves. Jiaozi restaurants can be found in all the larger Chinese cities, and dumplings are traditionally made at home, particularly in North China, as Chinese New Year Food.

Ordering Dumplings

Chinese dumplings (饺子jiǎozi /jyaoww-dzrr/) are a favorite with Westerners and some restaurants specialize in just dumplings. About 20 or 30 is usually enough for a meal, 40 if you're really hungry. Dumplings are ordered in (traditionally bamboo) trays called long of 10 or 20 dumplings. So you can say yī lóng (一笼 /ee-long/ "one tray") followed by your choice of filling to order.

Popular fillings include the standard minced pork (猪肉zhūròu /joo-roh/), as well as beef (牛肉niúròu /nyoh-roh/), cabbage (白菜báicài /beye-tseye/), and garlic and chives (韭菜jiǔcài /jyoh-tseye/). See below for a sample dumping menu, with pronunciation and characters to recognize and point to. Click here for more on ordering food in China.

Chinese Dumpling (Jiaozi) Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Pyramid Dumplings shuǐjīng jiǎo Shway-jing jwaoww 水晶饺
Steamed Dumplings xiǎo lóng bāo Ssyaoww-long-baoww 小笼包
Steamed Dumplings zhēng jiǎo Jnng jyaoww 蒸饺
Dumplings in Broth shuǐjiǎo Shway-jyaoww 水饺
Fried Dumpling guōtiē Gwor-tyeah 锅贴
Steamed Shredded Seafood Dumplings sānxiān jiǎo San-sshyen jyaoww 三鲜饺
Shrimp Dumpling xiārén jiǎo Sshyaa-rnn jyaoww 虾仁饺
Fried Garlic and Chive Dumplings jiǔcài jiǎo Jyoh-tseye jyaoww 韭菜饺
Cabbage Dumpling báicài jiǎo Beye-tseye jyaoww 白菜饺

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