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Tibet is a high altitude, sparsely populated region, which does not lend itself readily to food production. The Tibetan yak has traditionally been the animal of choice for nomadic pastoralists, as it is able to withstand the harsh winters. Yak farmers can live almost exclusively on Yak products, including Yak fat tea.

In river valley settlements like Lhasa conditions are less harsh, and other unique dishes have flourished using locally grown ingredients.

Tibet Cuisine

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Yak Meat Braised in Soy Sauce hóngshāo máoniú ròu Hong-shaoww maoww-nyoh roh 红烧牦牛肉
Tibet Fried Meat and Potato Zàng tǔdòu shāo ròu Dzung too-doh shaoww roh 藏土豆烧肉
Yadong Sautéed Sliced Pork with Black Fungus yàdōng mù'ěr ròupiàn Yaa-dong moo-er roh-pyen 亚东木耳肉片
Stewed Old Chicken and Matsutake Mushrooms sōngróng dùn lǎo jī Song-rong dwnn laoww jee 松茸炖老鸡
Tibetan Butter Tea Zàngshì sūyóuchá Dzung-shrr soo-yoh-chaa 藏式酥油茶
Ginseng Fruits Steamed Rice rénshēn guǒ zhēng fàn Rnn-shnn gwor jnng fan 人参果蒸饭
Fried Ginseng and Corn rénshēn chǎo yùmǐ Rnn-shnn chaoww yoo-mee 人参炒玉米

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