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Vegetarian dish

Even though some of the following dishes looks like meat dishes, all the meat is made of whole meal flour or other vegetarian food like tofu, and sometimes their texture and taste are like real meat! Chinese vegetarian chefs are masters of imitation!

The table below contains the Chinese characters for vegetarian dishes, so you can point to them and order, or lokk for them on a Chinese menu. The pinyin will help those who have begun to learn Chinese, and the pronunciation guide willl give novices a chance at making themselves understood.

English Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation Characters
Fried Spicy Vegetarian Beef xiāng là sù niúròu Sshyang laa soo nyoh-roh 香辣素牛肉
Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs sù chǎo tángcù páigǔ Soo chaoww tung-tsoo peye-goo 素炒糖醋排骨
Vegetarian Ham sù huǒtuǐ Soo hwor-tway 素火腿
Vegetarian Ants Climb Tree (vermicelli with spicy silk noodles) sù mǎyǐ shàng shù Soo maa-ee shung shoo 素蚂蚁上树
Vegetarian Drumstick with Western Gravy xi zhī sù jītuǐ Sshee jrr soo jee tway 西汁素鸡腿
Crispy Roast Duck cuì pí shāoyā Tsway pee kaoww-yaa 脆皮烧鸭
Luojiang Fried Bean Duck luōjiāng dòu yā Lwor-jyang doh yaa 罗江豆鸭
Fried Vegetarian Crab Meat chǎo sù xièfěn Chaoww soo sshyeah-fnn 炒素蟹粉
Seven Color Shitake Mushrooms qícái xiānggū Chee tseye sshyang-goo 七彩香菇
Fried Pickle Cabbage and Bean Sprouts xuěcài chǎo dòuyá Sshwair-tseye chaoww doh-yaa 雪菜炒豆芽

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