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Xinjiang CuisineThe region of Xinjiang in northwest China is traditionally home to ethnic Muslim peoples like the Uighur (pronounced wee-ger), so there is no pork or carnivorous animals on the menu. Being a region with lots of pasture, sheep features on top of the menu. Xinjiang is also famous for its fruit, particularly dried fruit.

Despite Xinjiang being the furthest region in the world from the sea, and the Taklamakan Desert covering a large portion of the land area, Xinjiang has tall mountain ranges. These draw rainfall and lead to fertile mountain fringes, where the invention of underground irrigation has led to the cultivation of some of China's best food.

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Xinjiang Cuisine

Garlic Muttondàsuàn yángròuDaa-swann yang-roh大蒜羊肉
Crispy Sheep Legxiāng sū yáng tuǐSshyang soo yang tway香酥羊腿
Roast Mutton Chopskǎo yángpáiKaoww yang-peye烤羊排
Mutton and Pilau Riceyángròu zhuāfànYang-roh jwaa-fan羊肉抓饭
Xinjiang Big Plate ChickenXīnjiāng dàpán jīSshyin-jyang daa pan jee新疆大盘鸡
Borscht (Beetroot Soup)luó sòng tāngLwor song tung罗宋汤
Almond Crackersxìngrén sū bǐngSshying-rnn soo bing杏仁酥饼
Braised Masked Palm Civethóngshāo guǒzilíHong-shaoww gwor-dzrr-lee红烧果子狸

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