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ZongziSticky rice bundles (粽子 Zongzi /dzong-dzrr/) are made from sticky or glutinous rice and a filling, which is kneaded in. They are then wrapped in bamboo leaves in pillow or triangular-based pyramid shapes, and tied with plant stems. If you are careful the bamboo leaves can be folded back like a wrapper so that you don't get your fingers (too) sticky while eating them. They are often found sold at train and bus stations and make more of a meal than a snack (see Chinese Snacks). Glutinous rice is very filling.

Sticky rice bundles are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival in memory of the legendary throwing of such bundles into the Miluo River, to stop fish eating the body of patriotic poet Qu Yuan (340 – 278 BC).

Sticky Rice Bundles (Zongzi) Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Pork Sticky Rice Bundle Ròu zòng Roh dzong 肉粽
Date Sticky Rice Bundle Hóngzǎo zòng Hong-dzaoww dzong 红枣粽
Shanxi Honey Cold Sticky Rice Bundle Shǎnxī fēngmì liáng zòng Shaan-sshee fnng-mee lyang dzong 陕西蜂蜜凉粽

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