Mosques in Kunming

Kunming Nancheng Mosque 昆明南城清真寺

Nancheng Mosque in the largest mosque in the city. The Nancheng Mosque was first built in Tang Dynasty(618-907) and was rebuilt for many times in Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). The appearance of the mosque was affected by the Buddhist culture, showing the architectural style of Chinese temples.

The existing temple was rebuilt in 1996, which covers an area of 2,557 square meters. The major constructions are the Chaozhen hall, Xuanli tower and Muslim Building. The Chaozhen hall is a three-floor building, covering an area of 1,200 square meters. In front of the hall is the courtyard. Both south and north side of the courtyard are the wing-rooms. The east of the courtyard is a nine-floor Muslim building, which covers an area of 5,800 square meters. The Xuanli tower is 9 meters high. The temple has keeping a large number of Islamic classics and books.

Address: 18 Zhengyi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan (云南省昆明市五华区正义路18号)(see Kunming maps)

Kunming Chongde Mosque 昆明崇德清真寺

Kunming Chongde Mosque is a five-floor Arabic-style building, which covers an area of 2,500 square meters. The first and the second floors are lent out for business use. The kitchen, water house and living room are set up in the third floor. The female hall and guest house are in the fourth floor. The male hall is in the fifth floor. Besides, there is a garden in the top floor.

Chongde Mosque is a new type masque in design and has become a scenic spot in Jinbi District.

Address: crossing of Dongsi Steet and Jinbi Road, Kunming, Yunnan (昆明东寺街与金碧路交汇路口) (see Kunming maps)

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Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque 昆明顺城街清真寺

The Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque is one of the most famous masques in China. It was first built in the first year (1425) of Hongxi, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) and was rebuilt and enlarged for many times in Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). The existing temple covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The major constructions are the prayer hall, pair halls, wing-rooms, guest house, dining hall and other facilities. In the yard, the pine sand cypress are planted around the building.

The Mosque is the headquarter of Islamic Association in Yunnan Province.

Address: Dunren Lane, Shuncheng Street, Kunming, Yunnan (云南省昆明市顺城街敦仁巷) (see Kunming maps)

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Kunming Yongning Mosque 昆明永宁清真寺

The Yongning Mosque was first built in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368). The existing temple was rebuilt in the 24th year (1898) of Guangxu, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911).

The layout of the temple is a quadrangle courtyard. Entering the gate is a spacious yard. The prayer hall covers an area of 200 square meters. In front of the hall is the Juanpeng-style porch. Opposite the hall are the wing-rooms, which service as the rest room for the praying Muslim people. In the sides of the hall are the meeting room and teaching room. The temple is small in scale, but it attracts many Muslim people to do prayer here. Many imams from other masques in Yunnan come here for learning.

Address: West Section of Jinbi Road, Kunming, Yunnan(云南昆明市金碧路西段)(see Kunming maps)

Kunming Jinniu Street Mosque 昆明金牛街清真寺

The Jinniu Street Mosque was first built by Hui people in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368). It was rebuilt and enlarged for many times. The existing temple is the only one well-preserved Chinese architectural-style mosques in Yunan Province. The prayer hall is a combination of wooden and concrete building, which can hold 200 people to do prayer. The Masque has become one of the most popular masques in China and attracts many none-Muslim visitors every year. It is a good window to know Islamic religion, culture, history,customs and civilized life.

Address: 41 Jinniu Street, Panlong District, Kunming(昆明市盘龙区金牛街)(see Kunming maps)

Kunming Yixigong Mosque 昆明迤西公清真寺

The Yixigong Mosque was first built in 1898 and has gone through winds and storms. It is one of the places for Muslim people to hold religious activities. The temple is standing in the center of Kunming. It attracts a great number of home and abroad Muslim people coming here to take part in the religious activities.

Address: 4 Nanchang Street, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan (see Kunming maps) (云南省昆明市五华区南昌街4号)

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Questions and Answers About Mosques in Kunming

Abdullah 2013-10-30
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Asalamo alikom Muslims brothers I want to now the nearest mosque to the Yun an Hotel. Thanks,
Which city are you in? Carol Wang replied on 2013-11-01
mohammed ayub 2013-06-19
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i planning to visit kunming on 22-24 june. can you suggest which hotel is suitable which is near to muslim mosque.
There is a hotel close to the muslim mosque, it's Kunming New Era Hotel whhich has around 8 mins walking to there. The price of the Business Room king bed is US$111 per night from Jun.22 to 24. I have sent you an email with more details. Vanessa Zheng replied on 2013-06-19
Hamdan 2012-11-30
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Hi,I will be visiting Kunming 14 April 13. Staying in Fairyland Hotel Kunming Jingxing No.15-16 East Shifu Street, Kunming City Center, Kunming, China 650093Plaese help me how to get to the hotel from airport. Is it possible by airport bus.

Hi Hamdam,

Are you arriving at the Changshui international airport?

From changshui airport there are shulttle bus Line 2 to downtown area. It is available all day long.

Or you can take the public bus No.903.

Have a nice day.


Sammi Dai replied on 2012-12-03
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