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Shangri-la Express

The accommodation on board the Shangri-La Express offers passengers comfort with modern facilities and air conditioned cars. A wash basin facility is shared between adjoining compartments for the convenience of our guests and toilet/wash facilities are available at each end of the sleeping carriages. A separate state of the art shower car with individual compartments, each containing a shower and changing area is located centrally on the train. Towels and robes are provided. We also offer, at extra cost, an on board laundry service.

Restaurant Cars

A western breakfast is available to all guests before embarking upon the day's adventures. A variety of Chinese food is served at lunch and dinner using the finest local ingredients. Quality wines are available with both lunch and dinner, along with beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Most meals are taken at hotels and restaurants in the cities visited.

Bar Car

A relaxed setting is available to meet and chat with your fellow passengers whilst watching the passing countryside. Serving an extensive array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the bar stays open until the last person leaves.

Room Facilities

Facilities Classic Twin-Bed Rooms Standard Rooms
Decoration Elegantly furnished with mahogany furniture and pure wool carpets Recently refurbished modern style. Carpets and oak-veneer.
Carriages No. 9-10 1-8
Area measurement 5 ㎡ for each compartment 5 ㎡ for each compartment
Bed type 0.9 meters wide and 1.9 meters long 0.9 meters wide and 1.9 meters long
Number of rooms 8 compartments per carriage 8 compartments per carriage
Non-smoking room Yes Yes
Washroom Yes No
Air conditioning Yes Yes
Luggage cabinet Yes No
Arm chair Yes No
Daily Room Service Yes Yes
Free in-room fruit tray Yes Yes
Adjustable lighting Yes Yes

1. A washroom is at the end of each carriage, with independent toilet cubicles of both squat style and seat style.
2. The carriages number may change based on the number of customers.

Photos of the Facilities on the Shangri-La Express

Twin-bed luxury compartments
Twin-Bed Room
Restaurant Cars
Restaurant Cars
Bar Car
Bar Car

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