China SIM Cards

This amazing SIM card allows you to use your own cellphone (unlocked and not CDMA format) in China and have international calls.

  • Easy international calls.
  • 3G internet access
  • Use your own cellphone when travelling in China.
  • Pay today, get it tomorrow.

How to Choose Wi-Fi & SIM Card?

  • SIM card
  • $19
    for all
  • 3G SIM card
  • $39
    for all
  • *2
  • 500 MB*3
  • 3G Network Card
  • $59
    for all
  • *1
  • 6GB
  • Wi-Fi Rental
  • $12
    Per day
  • 6GB
National Call
Receiving Calls fee
3G Internet Access
Internet Sharing
3G Date Package
Need to Return

All SIM cards only available on unlocked and not CDMA format devices. Please Check your device carefully.
* 1. 3G network card available on Smart phones, 3G pads and 3G router.
* 2. Internet Sharing only available after Android 2.3 and iOS 4.3
* 3. You can apply 500MB data usage at most per month by send a message “KT3GLL” to 10010 .

How to Dial by This Card?

  • Dial the required code to make an international call from your country e.g. USA – 10193 00 plus the country code for China 86 and the number which was been supplied 123 4565 7898 – 10193 00 86 123 4565 7898.

Check Balance & Account Enquiry

  • To check the balance / expiry date, it is possible to call the toll-free hotline 10010. An English Menu is available but callers are required to select the correct options.
  • Alternatively
    Call our China Highlights Cell Phone & Wi-Fi co-coordinator – Nero 86 773 288 5336

Account Recharge Alternatives

  • You may purchase a recharge card from any branch of China Unicom or outlets like convenient stores. The are available in amounts of CNY 50, CNY 100 and CNY 300. The cell phone number will not change.
    Other recharge methods are available by calling 10011 and following the instructions. An English Menu is available but callers are required to select the correct options. Payment options for recharge probably will be difficult for those without a local bank account for local credit card.