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Beijing – Hongkong Through Train

The Beijing to Hong Kong Through Train is the train service operating every second day from Beijing West Railway Station to Hung Hom Station of Hong Kong via Guangzhou East Railway Station. It runs along the Beijing–Guangzhou Railway Line and the Guangzhou–Shenzhen Railway Line in mainland China as well as the East Rail Line in Hong Kong.

The train departs from Beijing West at 13:00 and arrives at Kowloon Hung Hom of Hong Kong at 13:01 next day. It makes calls at Zhengzhou, Wuchang, Changsha and Guangzhou East along its way. The total travel time is about one whole day.

Service Facilities on Board

There are hard seats, soft seats, hard sleepers, soft sleepers, and deluxe soft sleepers, which are two-berth sleeper cabins with a private bathroom on the train. The train also has a restaurant car, where passengers can select food and drinks according to the menu, as well as a food and drink cart on each car. Special toilets are available for handicapped people on the train.

Schedule and Prices

Though there is a 60-day pre-sell period for the tickets they are still hard to get, especially during Chinese New Year, May Day and the National Holiday; as a result, it’s highly advisable for passengers to book tickets as soon as possible. Children under 110 cm tall travel free; 110–150 cm tall kids travel for half fare, and children over 150 cm tall require full fare.

Time Table of Z97 from Beijing West to Hung Hom
Kilometers Day Arrival Time Depart Time Stop Stations
0 1 13:00 Beijing West
689 1 18:41 18:47 Zhengzhou
1225 1 23:16 23:22 Wuchang
1587 2 2:35 2:41 Changsha
2302 2 10:01 11:04 Guangzhou East
2475 2 13:01 Hung Hom
Ticket Fares for Z97 in HKD
Adult Child
Deluxe Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Deluxe Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Lower Middle Upper Lower Middle Upper
1,191 934 601 587 574 788 604 393 380 366


1. How to book a Beijing – Hong Kong Through Train Ticket Online?

Tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong and return way can be purchased via China Highlights. Ticket delievery service is also available. Start Now

2. How are immigration and customs dealt with on the Beijing to Hong Kong train?

Passengers can conduct the entry and exit procedures at Beijing West Railway Station. Due to passport control & exit formalities, passengers departing for Hong Kong from Beijing should arrive at Beijing West Railway Station 90 minutes before departure.

Once passengers get on the train, they are not allowed to get on or off the train along the way except those who travel from Beijing West to Guangzhou East.

3. Are the tickets for Beijing to Hong Kong trains only available in mainland China?

No, the tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong can be purchased in Beijing or from travel agencies (by paying a commission), and in Hong Kong stations such as the Hung Hom Railway Station.

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