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Beijing - Tianjin -Tanggu/Tanggu - Tianjin - Beijing Bullet Train

Beijing Terminus: Beijing South Railway Station
Tianjin Terminus: Tianjin Railway Station
Tanggu Terminus: Tanggu Station

The best way to travel between Beijing and Tianjin nowadays is by a bullet train unless you can afford a helicopter ride. The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Rail system was put into operation in August, 2008. It is a great achievement because it travels 330 km/h (210 mph) and averages 234 km/h (145 mph) for each trip, but China started its hi-speed train building program only four years earlier.

The train system designers made use of German Velaro hi-speed train technology to make the CRH3C version of the train. By using viaducts or pillars to elevate the tracks to minimize construction time and to make the tracks level and straight to allow for faster travel, they were able to build one of the world's fastest train systems in only three and a half years.

The Beijing – Tianjin link was the first permanently operational passenger train built with conventional non-maglev technology to travel over 300 kilometers an hour or 186 miles an hour in China. This made travel between Tianjin and Beijing that are the two biggest cities in the region to be a quick and easy half-hour trip. Now you can also go on to Tanggu that is east of Tianjin from Beijing in about 52 minutes non-stop or about an hour with a stop in Tianjin for 84 or 70 RMB or about 13 or 11 USD.

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Ticket Price

There are two kinds of tickets. Price for the first class is 69 yuan and for the second class is 58 yuan.

How to Buy the Ticket?

Tickets for the new bullet train can be bought at train stations or booked through a travel agency. Bullet train tickets are available for sale 10 days before departure. You may need to book your tickets in advance on weekends or during the major Chinese holidays such as the Chinese New Year and National Day. From June 1, 2011, passengers need to present their valid ID (passport) to buy bullet train tickets (including tickets of C trains, D trains, and G trains).

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