China Train Beijing - Xi'an/Xi'an - Beijing High-speed Train

Beijing - Xi'an/Xi'an - Beijing High-speed Train

Beijing Terminal: Beijing West Railway Station
Xi’an Terminal: Xi’an North Railway Station

China High-Speed Railway from Beijing to Xi’an has been in operation since December 26, 2012. The line covers a distance of 1,144 kilometers.

The Platform inside of Xi'an North Railway Station

The Beijing to Xi’an / Xi’an to Beijing high-speed trains have a speed of 250 to 300 km/h. The journey between Beijing and Xi’an has been shortened to 4 hours and 40 minutes from 11 hours. The price of a second class seat is $84, a first class seat $133, a superior seat $159, and a business seat $262.

10 pairs of high-speed trains travel on the Beijing–Xi’an line. The time interval between services is about one hour. Besides the trains starting in Beijing and Xi’an, trains starting from Zhengzhou are also available.

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  • The platform

  • The business seats

  • The first class seats

  • The second seats

Stations on the Line

Terracotta Warriors

There 21 stations on the high-speed line between Beijing and Xi’an: Beijing West Railway Station, Zhuozhou East, Gaobeidian East, Baoding East, Dingzhou East, Shijiazhuang South, Gaoyi West, Xingtai East, Handan East, Anyang East, Hebi East, Xinxiang East, Zhengzhou East, Zhengzhou, Gongyi South, Luoyang, Longmen, Mianchi South, Sanmenxia South, Lingbao West, Hua Mountain North, Weinan North, Xi'an North Railway Station.

Different high-speed trains have different stops, some only have three stops. For example train G87 and G88 only stop at Beijing West Railway Station, Zhengzhou East Railway Station and Xi’an North Railway Station.

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G Trains Running on the Line

G trains from Beijing West to Xian North

Train No. From To Dep. Arr. Duration
G651 Beijing West Xian North 07:05 12:48 05:43
G653 Beijing West Xian North 08:21 14:11 05:50
G655 Beijing West Xian North 10:05 15:43 5:38
G657 Beijing West Xian North 11:06 16:47 5:41
G659 Beijing West Xian North 12:08 17:35 5:27
G87 Beijing West Xian North 14:00 18:40 4:40
G661 Beijing West Xian North 14:42 20:41 5:59
G665 Beijing West Xian North 16:00 21:52 5:52
G667 Beijing West Xian North 16:53 22:44 5:51
G669 Beijing West Xian North 17:38 23:06 5:28

G trains from Xi'an North to Beijing West

Train No. From To Dep. Arr. Duration
G652 Xian North Beijing West 07:50 13:17 5:27
G654 Xian North Beijing West 08:50 14:20 5:30
G656 Xian North Beijing West 10:05 15:37 5:32
G658 Xian North Beijing West 10:30 16:27 5:57
G662 Xian North Beijing West 11:35 17:12 5:37
G88 Xian North Beijing West 13:10 17:50 4:40
G664 Xian North Beijing West 14:40 20:33 5:53
G666 Xian North Beijing West 16:03 21:32 5:29
G668 Xian North Beijing West 17:07 22:50 5:43
G670 Xian North Beijing West 17:55 23:20 5:25