China to South Korea Cruises

Dalian to Inchon Cruises

Distance: 280 miles
Travel time: 16 hours
Service: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Departure time: 16:30
Price: Deluxe cabin: 1978 yuan; first-class cabin: 1450 yuan’ second-class cabin:1050 yuan.
Departure Port: Dalian Port Terminal (大连港客运站); location: No 1 Gangwan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian (中山区港湾街1号)

A copy of your passport is needed to buy or book a ticket. Check-in time is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Dandong to Inchon

Ships sail from Dandong to Inchon's 2nd Int'l Passenger Wharf (Seacoast Ferry) every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The departure time is 4:00 pm. Custom check time is from 2:20 pm to 3:00 pm.

Boarding Procedures

Passengers need to change their tickets to boarding cards at window 6,7 or 8.

An port fee of 30 yuan/person is charged and can be paid at window 5.

Baggage delivery: 10 yuan/per person, no weight limitation.

Ticket Refund

Refunds for bookings incur a fee. If a ticket is refunded one day before departure, a fee of 10% of the ticket price is charged, 20% of the ticket price is charged for refunding a ticket 2 hours before departure., 50% of the ticket price is charged for refunding a ticket within 2 hours of departure.

Weihai to Inchon

Ships depart from Weihai to Inchon every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Departure port: WeIhai Port Terminal (威海客运站); location: Haibin North Road 48, Weihai, (威海市海滨北路48号)

How to get there: a taxi takes around 20 minutes from Weihai Railway Station, and the cost  is around 25 yuan. A taxi takes only 5 minutes from the city center, and the price is about 5-10 yuan.  Public bus No 1 serves passengers from Weihai Railway Station to the port terminal, and it takes 40 minutes.

Ticket office in Qingdao: No 4 Xinjiang Road 青岛市新疆路4号

Qingdao to Inchon

There are three ships to Inchon each week, and they depart every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The journey takes around 13 or 14 hours. The ship departs at 5:00 pm and arrives at 8:00 am the next day.

Yantai to Inchon

Ships from Yantai to Inchon leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They depart at 5:00 pm and the journey takes 16 hours.