China Train Guangzhou - Shenzhen Bullet Trains

Guangzhou - Shenzhen Bullet Trains

Guangzhou Terminal: Guangzhou South Railway Station
Shenzhen Terminal: Shenzhen North Railway Station

Guangzhou to Shenzhen / Shenzhen to Guangzhou High-Speed Train system was put into operation in December 26, 2011. Taking a high-speed train is the best way traveling between Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Guangzhou – Shenzhen High-speed line covers a distance of 145 kilometers. The high-speed trains of the line travel 250 to 300 km/h and the whole journey is only about 35 minutes. The price of a second class seat is $13, a first class seat $17, and a superior class seat $33.

There are 36 pairs of G-series trains traveling between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The interval is 20 to 30 minutes. It is very easy to traveling between Guangzhou and Shenzhen by a high-speed train. Click here to search for train prices and schedules and book a ticket.

  • Guangzhou to Shenzhen Bullet Train

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Stations on the Line

There are five stations on Guangzhou to Shenzhen /Shenzhen to Guangzhou High-speed Line: Guangzhou South Railway Station, Qingsheng Railway Station, Humen Railway Station, Guangmingcheng Railway Station and Shenzhen North Railway Station. Different high-speed trains have different stops.

  • Waiting room of Guangzhou South Station

  • The Platform of Shenzhen North Station

Guangzhou - Shenzhen G Trains Running on the Line

From Guangzhou South Railway Station to Shenzhen North Railway Station

Train No.FromToDep.Arr.Duration
G6201Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North7:007:440:44
G6203Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North7:308:060:36
G6205Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North8:008:440:44
G6207Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North8:209:030:43
G6209Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North8:409:160:36
G6211Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North9:009:360:36
G6213Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North9:3010:060:36
G6215Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North10:0010:440:44
G6217Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North10:2010:560:36
G6219Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North10:4011:160:36
G6221Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North11:0011:360:36
G6223Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North11:3012:130:43
G6225Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North12:0012:440:44
G6227Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North12:2012:560:36
G6229Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North12:5013:260:36
G6231Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North13:1013:460:36
G6233Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North13:3014:060:36
G6235Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North14:0014:440:44
G6237Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North14:2015:030:43
G6239Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North14:5015:260:36
G6241Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North15:1015:460:36
G6243Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North15:4016:160:36
G6245Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North16:0016:440:44
G6247Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North16:2016:560:36
G6249Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North16:4017:160:36
G6251Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North17:1017:460:36
G6253Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North17:4018:160:36
G6255Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North18:0018:440:44
G6257Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North18:2019:030:43
G6259Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North18:5019:260:36
G6261Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North19:2019:560:36
G6263Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North19:4020:160:36
G6265Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North20:1020:540:44
G6267Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North20:4021:160:36
G6269Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North21:2021:560:36
G6271Guangzhou SouthShenzhen North22:0022:510:51

From Shenzhen North Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station

Train No.FromToDep.Arr.Duration
G6202Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South7:007:420:42
G6204Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South7:308:120:42
G6206Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South8:008:350:35
G6208Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South8:309:120:42
G6210Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South9:009:350:35
G6212Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South9:209:550:35
G6214Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South9:4010:150:35
G6216Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South10:1010:450:35
G6218Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South10:3011:120:42
G6126Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South10:4011:080:28
G6220Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South11:0011:420:42
G6222Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South11:2011:550:35
G6224Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South11:4012:150:35
G6226Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South12:0012:420:42
G6228Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South12:3013:050:35
G6230Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South13:0013:350:35
G6232Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South13:2013:550:35
G6234Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South13:5014:250:35
G6236Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South14:1014:450:35
G6238Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South14:3015:190:49
G6240Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South15:0015:350:35
G6242Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South15:2015:550:35
G6244Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South15:5016:250:35
G6246Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South16:1016:520:42
G6248Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South16:4017:150:35
G6250Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South17:0017:350:35
G6252Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South17:2017:550:35
G6254Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South17:5018:320:42
G6256Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South18:1018:520:42
G6258Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South18:4019:150:35
G6260Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South19:0019:350:35
G6262Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South19:3020:050:35
G6264Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South19:5020:250:35
G6266Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South20:2021:020:42
G6268Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South20:5021:250:35
G6270Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South21:2021:550:35
G6272Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou South22:0022:490:49