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Guangzhou East to Hong Kong (Hung Hom Station, Kowloon) Through Trains

The Guangzhou – Hong Kong Through-Train is the direct train service operating between Guangzhou East Railway Station and Hong Kong’s Hung Hom Station (a.k.a. 九龙 Jiulong /jyo-long/)

The through trains run along the Guangzhou–Shenzhen Railway Line in mainland China and the East Rail Line in Hong Kong. The whole journey covers 182 kilometers (113 miles) and takes about two hours.

Through-Train Types

Two types of Guangzhou – Hong Kong through trains are available: Kowloon Canton Railway Through-Trains, managed by Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation (KTT), and the new 25T trains, managed and operated by Guangzhou Railway Corporation. Their differences are as follows.

Equipments & Service KTT 25T New Trains
Coach Combination 9 double-deck Japanese coaches: 7 first class, 2 premium class 10 one–deck 25T coaches: 8 passenger coaches, one dinner coach, one luggage coach
Seat Arrangement Passengers can choose seats (except for change tickets) Passengers cannot choose seats
Wi–Fi Service Available None
Complimentary Drinks Free Watson distilled water and towellettes are provided. Purified water is free.
Snacks Hong Kong-style food & beverages are sold Haagen-Dazs ice cream and box meals are on sale
Souvenirs and Tourist Products Available No
WC Two WCs per coach: one Western-style, one Chinese style One WC per coach
Buffet Car No Yes
Electricity for Customer Use Charger rental Three–pin electric outlets
PA Announcements Announcements, advertising, and station information in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Announcements, advertising, and station information in English and Mandarin
Digital Station Name Board In English In Chinese characters
Folding Dinner Tables Second Class: one per seat
First Class: folding tables for 4
Premium Class: folding tables for 2 or 4
One per seat
Newspaper & Magazines Free business and leisure magazines Free magazines
Accepted Cashes HKD, RMB, and Octopus cards HKD and RMB

Time Tables

Trains from Guangzhou East – Dongguan (Changping) – Hung Hom

Twelve Guangzhou – Hong Kong through trains run each way between 08:19 and 21:32 each day. All call at Dongguan (Changping) Railway Station except Z817 and Z811.

The T-trains initially used have been replaced by Z-trains (direct express). Trains are 25T models unless marked KTT.


Guangzhou East

Dongguan (Changping)

Hung Hom

Z801 8:19 9:03 10:17
Z807 9:04 9:48 11:02
Z813 9:55 10:39 11:53
Z823 (KTT) 10:37 11:21 12:33
Z817 12:03 - 13:56
Z809 14:04 14:48 16:02
Z825 (KTT) 15:38 16:22 17:34
Z815 16:14 16:58 18:12
Z803 17:33 18:17 19:31
Z819 18:20 19:04 20:18
Z827 (KTT) 20:30 21:14 22:26
Z811 21:32 - 23:25

Trains from Zhaoqing to Hung Hom

Z806 runs from Zhaoqing Railway Station to Hung Hom, and it stops at Foshan, Guangzhou East and Dongguan (Changping).

Train Zhaoqing Foshan Guangzhou East Dongguan Hung Hom
Z806/3 15:30 16:35 17:33 18:17 19:31

Ticket Prices (HK$)

Prices are the same both ways. Children above 10 years old pay full fare, children between five and nine years old pay half price, and children below five years old ride free.

Train To Hung Hom From
Guangzhou East Dongguan
Premium Class First Class First Class
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
Z801 -   190 95 145 73
Z807 -   190 95 145 73
Z813 -   190 95 145 73
Z823 (KTT) 230 115 190 95 145 73
Z817 - - 190 95 - -
Z809 -   190 95 145 73
Z825 (KTT) 230 115 190 95 145 73
Z815 -   190 95 145 73
Z803 -   190 95 145 73
Z819 -   190 95 145 73
Z827 (KTT) 230 115 190 95 145 73
Z811 - - 190 95 - -
Train To Hung Hom From
Zhaoqing Foshan Guangzhou East Dongguan
Adult/Child Adult/Child Adult/Child Adult/Child
Z806/3 235/117.5 210/105 190/95 145/73

How to Purchase Tickets Online with China Highlights

Search and book Guangzhou to Hong Kong train and return China Highlights. Ticket delievery service is also available.

You can book 60 days in advance at most. We are considering adding Hong Kong trains to the search form in future.


1. Is it a necessary to go through an immigration check when we take the Guangzhou – Hong Kong through-train? If so where and how?

Yes. Just show your passports and visas (visa–free for some countries) at Guangzhou East (or Dongguan). Foreign passport holders are required to fill out an arrival form at Hung Hom Railway Station.

2. What are the differences between Premium Class and First Class?

The main differences are in their facilities (and location). The folding tables are for four people in the First Class (downstairs). Folding tables are for two or four in Premium Class (upstairs), and the more comfortable seats have armrests for both arms.

3. Is there a high-speed train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong?

Currently only the through-train service is available from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. The Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong High-Speed Railway (HSR) is scheduled to begin operations in 2017. You could take the HSR as far as Shenzhen, and then enter Hong Kong via Shenzhen’s checkpoints.

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