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How to board a Chinese train?

The Process for Get on the Train

After you get the train tickets, you are ready for boarding the train. r Get to the railway station 1 hour early. read: How to Collect Train Tickets After Booking Online?

Find the Right Waiting Hall

Check your ticket to confirm your train number, and then pay attention to the indicators and electricity screen and find the right waiting hall (or lounge, station lobby, Chinese: ) for your train.

Find your waiting position

Before you go into the waiting hall, your baggage will have an X-ray security check.

In the waiting hall, passengers who take different trains must sit in the appointed place. You can refer to the screen in the waiting hall to see where you can sit. If you have found your waiting position, you can sit there and wait for your train.

Have Your Ticket Checked

When your train is coming, you should go to the ticket entrance in the waiting hall to have your ticket checked. Pay attention to the color of your ticket. If your ticket is blue, you can put it into the checking machine to have it auto checked. If your ticket is red, the staff will check it.


There may be Chinese character followed by some numbers on your ticket, in this case, the number is the ticket entrance of your ticket. You can only check your ticket at the ticket entrance with the number corresponding to the one on your ticket . If there is no such character and number, you should refer to the electricity screen and find the right ticket entrance for your train. You may refer to the picture below.

Get on the train

After your ticket has been checked, you should confirm the train number and follow the indicators to the platform. When you are boarding your train, show your ticket and passport to the staff.

1. Go to the waiting hall about half an hour before departure.
2. Don’t go to the wrong platform.
3. When you get on the train, put your baggage on the rack opposite of your seat, so you can watch your baggage easily.


DON’T lose or throw away your ticket! During the journey, your ticket and passport might be checked by train staff. When you go out from the destination train station, your ticket will be checked one more time. So, keep your ticket carefully until you go out of the station.

Announcements about X-ray Security Check

During the time in the station, your baggage might be X-ray checked several times.
Paste some distinguishingmarks on your suit cases and bags and remember to take all your baggage away after the security check.

You should carry your valuables on  you. There may be thieves in the station, so  take care of your baggage during the check. If you travel with a friend, one of you can wait at the exit of the X-ray machine to collect the baggage. If you find anything lost, tell the staff immediately.