Qiandao Lake Cruises

Thousand Island Lake is a man-made lake in Chun’an County, East China’s Zhejiang Province, about 350 kilometers away from Shanghai and 150 kilometers from Hangzhou. The lake was formed after the completion of the building of the Xin'an River hydroelectric station. There are 1078 islands on the lake, and it is famous for its clear water.

Cruise Routes

Route A: Plum Peak Island (Meifeng Dao, 梅峰岛), Ostrich Island (鸵鸟岛),Monkey Island (猴岛) and Three Pools Island (三潭岛).

Route B: Shenlong Island (神龙岛) – Lonshan Island (龙山岛) – Wulong Island (五龙岛)

Route C: Guihua Island (桂花岛) – Tianchi (天池) – Mishan Island (蜜山岛) – Huangshan Jian (黄山尖)

Cruise Boat Price

Boats starting from the central lake district:
Luxurious cruise boat: 45 yuan/person; 25 yuan/person for children between 1.10 meters and 1.40 meters tall
Normal cruise boat: 30 yuan/person; 15 yuan/person for children between 1.10 meters and 1.4 meters tall
Yacht: 60 yuan/person for Route A and 50 yuan/person for route B
Route A+B: Yacht (60 yuan/person


There are three wharfs along the lake.

Thousand Island Lake Wharf (千岛湖旅游码头); Location: Xin’an Avenue

In the spring, summer and autumn, tickets for the route A cruise are sold starting at 7 am, and the cruise boat departs at 8 am. Tickets for the route B cruise are sold starting at 12 am, and the boat leaves at 1 pm.

In the winter, tickets for the route A cruise are sold starting at 7 am and the ship departs at 8 am. Tickets for the route B cruise are starting at 12 am and the cruise starts at 1pm.

Maozhu Yuan Southeast Wharf (毛竹源东南旅游码头):

The boat departs at 8 am and returns at about 4 pm. The touring route is: Tianchi (天池) – Mianshan (蜜山) - Peacock Garden (孔雀园) – Three Pool Island (三潭岛) – Monkey Island (猴岛).

Xiyuan Wharf (西园旅游码头)

Location: South Xin’an Road, Qiandao Lake town (千岛湖镇新安南路). Boats depart when there are passengers, and they take travel route C.

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