Qinhuai River Cruises

Qinhuai River is a branch of the Yangtze River, and is an area once used by wealthy families during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nowadays, it is the most important historical site in Nanjing, with its clusters of old buildings. Qinhuai River can be divided into the inner river and the outer river. The inner river runs through the heart of the city while the outer river was once a city moat of ancient Nanjing city.

The highlights of the cruise include the numerous historical relics on banks of the river, most of which have been well preserved. Tea and local snacks are served and traditional Chinese music is performed on the boat.

Inner River Cruise

Where to get onto the boat: Panchi Wharf in front of Dacheng Hall of the Confucius Temple
Price: 55 yuan/person during the day and 80 yuan/person at night.
Duration: around 50 minutes
Day Route: Panchi Wharf – Bai Lu Zhou Park (白鹭洲公园) - Dong Shui Guan – Qi Cai Water Street(七彩水街) – Zhonghua Gate(中华门) – Former Residence of Li Xiangjun (李香君故居)。
Night Route: Panchi Wharf – Bai Lu Zhou Park (白鹭洲公园) - Dong Shui Guan - Qi Cai Water Street(七彩水街) – Zhonghua Gate (中华门) – Panchi Wharf
The night cruise operate from 18:00 to 23:30

Outer River Cruise

There are only two cruises each day, one at 9:30 am and one at 2 pm.

Cruise itinerary: Stone City (石头城) – Qingliang Gate(清凉门) – Hanzhong Gate (汉中门) – Shuixi Gate (水西门) – Jiqing Gate (集庆门) - Zhonghua Gate Wharf  (中华门码头)
Duration: about one hour
Where to get onto the cruise: Zhonghua Gate Wharf or Stone City Wharf
Attractions that you will see on the way: Stone City Ruins, the ancient city wall of the Ming Dynasty, Shangxin Pavilion (赏心亭), Xishui Pass (西水关), Zhonghua Gate, and Bao’en Temple Ruins.

No visit to Nanjing is complete without a visit to Qinhuai River. The river is included in almost all the tours to Nanjing. See China Highlihts' tours to visit Qinhuai River, or let us customize a tourto visit Nanjing.

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