Tianjin to Japan Cruises

The ship is Yanjin Ship. See below the shedule:

Boarding Procedure

Departure Time

Arrival Time

Tianjin - Kobe

19:00-20:00 Friday

23:00, Friday

Around 10:00 next Friday

Kobe - Tianjin

9:00-10:00 Wednesday

11:00 Wednesday

15:30 Friday

Where to buy tickets in Tianjin

Room 2217, Tianjin Yangyuan Building, No 1 Yuanyuan Square, Haihe East Road, Hebei District ( 河北区海河东路远洋广场1号天津远洋大厦2217室)

Travel agencies in Beijing and Tianjin can also book tickets for you.

Where to board the ship

Tianjin Port Terminal in Tanggu District, Tianjin (天津市塘沽区天津客运站), facing the Sailor Club of Tianjin New Port (新港海员俱乐部对面) .

How to get there: The most convenient way to get there is by taking a taxi. The port is 53 km from Tianjin Railway Station. Passengers in the Tangqu District can take public bus No 102 to get there.

Every adult passenger can bring a child under 6 years of age for free. Children under 12 years pay half price.
Port fee: 30 yuan/per person. An air-conditioning fee is charged during the summer.

Boarding Procedure: Boarding at Tianjin port is 19:00 – 20:00, and departure time is 23:00. The procedure is as follows: have your ticket examined at the waiting hall, and then pay the port fee, go through the checkpoint, check in your baggage and then board the ship.

Passengers who hold an OPEN ticket should confirm their ticket one week before departure.

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Questions and Answers About Tianjin to Japan Cruises

Xin Xin Deschner 2012-07-04
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Do you have a cruise from Tianjin to Japan in Christmas season?
Hi Xin Xin Deschner, The cruise from Tianjin to Japan(Kobe) departs at 23:00 every Friday, you can board at 19:00 to 20:00. The arrival time is around 10:00 next Friday. You could buy the ticket at Room 2217, Tianjin Yangyuan Building, No 1 Yuanyuan Square, Haihe East Road, Hebei District ( 河北区海河东路远洋广场1号天津远洋大厦2217室). Travel agencies in Beijing and Tianjin can also book tickets for you. For more information, please click here: http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/transportation/tianjin-to-japan-cruise.htm. Alice Cai replied on 2012-07-04
Hi Xin Xin Deschner, 1. Sorry, I am not sure you will take a cruise travelling from China to Japan or just want transportation from China to Japan. There is only one cruise transportation from Tianjin to Japan, and it can only reach Kobe. The cruise departs at 23:00 every Friday. If you want to start the trip in late December, you can board at 19:00-20:00 on December 23th. If you want to travel from China to Japan by cruise, you could choose Costa Cruise http://www.costachina.com/ (Chinese version). But the trip start from Shanghai, not Tianjin, and there is no cruise from China to Japan or Korea in December. 2. The price of the Tianjin-Kobe cruise depends on different type of seats. It varies from CNY1300 to CNY4550 per person. 3. Chinese can apply for visa at Embassy of Japan in China(日本驻华大使馆). 4. Sorry, there is no English version of Tianjin-Kobe cruise information. But if you need, you can search cruise information at this website http://www.tifeco.com.cn/jinshen/ship_02.htm (Chinese version only). And this is for Costa Cruise information http://www.costachina.com/rc/ships.html (Chinese version). Alice Cai replied on 2012-07-09
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