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West Lake is located in the western area, which is the historic center of Hangzhou City. It is surrounded by hills on three sides and covers 6.5 square kilometers (1,626 acres). West Lake is the symbol of Hangzhou, and is considered one of the most beautiful sights in China. The image of Santangyingyue (Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon), one of the classic views of West Lake, has been printed on the back of 1-Yuan Chinese banknotes.

The cruise is available during the day and at night, and many kinds of boats are available.

Painted boats

This is the most comfortable boat. Traditional Chinese music plays on the boat and the cruise goes around Huxinting area (湖心亭). Docks where visitors board the boat: Hubin San Gong Yuan Wharf (湖滨三公园码头), Children Palace Wharf (少年宫码头)
Price: 45 yuan/person

Medium-size yacht
Dock to board the boat: Qianwangci Wharf (钱王祠码头), Chidren’s Palace Wharf少年宫码头, Zhongshan Park Wharf (中山公园码头), Yuefei Temple Wharf (岳王庙码头), Huagang Park Wharf (花港公园码头). This kind of boat also takes you around Huxinting Island.
Price: 45 yuan/person

Small-size yacht
This boat takes you to Yanggong Causeway (杨公堤).
Dock to board: Zhongshan Park Dock
Price: 30 yuan/person

Rowing boat

Xihu lake cruiseRowing Boat

You can hire a boat rowed by someone to tour West Lake. This boat lets you row around Yuangongdun (阮公墩), Huxingting Island (湖心亭) and Yanggong Causeway(杨公堤). Each boat can hold six people. The boat has roofing and a small table in the middle is used to serve tea. The minimum hiring time is one hour.
Price: 80 yuan/hour, including a ticket to Huxing Island. You also need to buy tickets to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (20 yuan) and Yuangongdun (阮公墩) (15 yuan) if you want to see these sights.

Note: These boats are not recommended as they are privately owned. Travelers have frequently reported being ripped of by the boat rower.

Storage Battery Boat

There are two kinds of storage battery boats. One can hold four people and the other holds six people. The boat can take you to Xiaoyinzhou Island (小瀛洲) and Huxingting Island (湖心亭)
Wharf to the board: Bai Causeway Wharf (白堤码头), close to Broken Bridge (断桥).
Price: 35 yuan/hour for normal boat
45 yuan/hour for luxurious boat
Tickets to the two islands are included with the boat ticket.
Operating hours: 7:30 to 16:30 in the spring and summer; and 8:00 to 16:00 in the winter.

You may go to the attraction and buy the cruise ticket yourself, however, we recommend you to have it arranged by a travel agency to save you a lot of hassle. China Highlights can help our customer to arrange a tour to visit West Lake and other highlights in Hangzhou. See our tours to visit the lake.

Self-rowing boat

There are two kinds of boats: a six-seater boat and a four-seater boat. The starting price for the six-seater boat is 20 yuan for the first two hours and an additional 10 yuan for every hour after that. The starting price for four-seater boat is 15 yuan for the first half hour and 15 yuan for every half hour after that. You can row the boat to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (三潭映月),Huxingting Island (湖心亭), Yuangongdun (阮公墩) and Yanggong Causeway (杨公堤). Tickets to these islands are exclusive, and one person needs to remain at the boat to take care it if your group plans to travel in these islands.

Wharfs on West Lake

Lakeside Park 1 Wharf/Hubin Yi Gong Yuan Wharf (湖滨一公园码头): Located at the crossing of Jiefang Road and Nanshan Road. This wharf is open to both group and individual travelers.

Lakeside Park 2 Wharf/Hubin Er Gong Yuan Wharf (湖滨二公园码头): Located at the crossing of Hubing Road and Renhe Road. There are rowing boats for hire.

Lakeside Park 3 Wharf (湖滨三公园码头): Located at the crossing of Hubing Road and Pinghai Road. Available is a small painted boat.

Riverside Rowing Boat Wharf (湖滨自划船码头): Located on Hubing Road, opposite from Huaqiao Restaurant. There are rowing boats for hire.

Bai Causeway Wharf:白堤电瓶船码头): Located at the side of Beili Lake on the east section of Bai Causeway. It is used by small battery storage boats.

Zhongshan Park Wharf (中山公园码头): Located at the south foot of Gushan (Solitary Hill, 孤山).

Yuehu Wharf (岳湖码头): Located at the north side of Yuehu Park, south of Yuefei Temple.

Su Causeway Wharf (苏堤码头): Located at the south section of Su Causeway in front of the east gate of Viewing Fish and Lotus Fronds at Flower Pond. There are small yachts that head to Xiaoyingzhou Wharf.

North Wharf of Xiaoyinzhou(小瀛洲北码头): Located beside a pavilion on the north side of Xiaoyingzhou. A variety of boats stop at this wharf.

East Wharf of Xiaoyinzhou (小瀛洲东码头): Located on the east side of Xiaoyingzhou, offers a variety of boats.

Southwest Wharf of Xiaoyingzhou (小瀛洲西南码头): Located on the south side of Xiaoyinzhou. Offers boats returning to Su Causeway Wharf.

North Wharf of Huxingting Island: Offers boats to Zhongshan Park Wharf (中山公园码头) and Yuangongdun Wharf (阮公墩码头).

South Wharf of Huxinting Island: Offers boats to the North Wharf of Xiaoyinzhou(小瀛洲北码头).

Yuangongdun Wharf (阮公墩码头): Offers boats to Zhongshan Park Wharf (中山公园码头) and the North Wharf of Huxingting Island(湖心亭北码头).

West Lake is the most famous attraction in Hangzhou. It is beautiful and worht a visit. Our tours to Hangzhou, almost without an exception, include a visit to West Lake.

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Hi, can check how many hours it takes for the whole boat rides.?
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