China Portable 3G Wi-Fi Rental

Rent a cheap and convenient Wi-Fi package so that you can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere while traveling in China.

  • Anywhere Skype or Email from the Greatwall
  • Instant Take a picture or share the moment instantly
  • Share Smart Phones, iPad, Laptop (Use 8-10 devices! REQUIRED WI-FI DEVICE)
From $12/day

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What you can do

What you can do 6G Package
Watch Picture (300KB) 21000
Visit Web Page (500KB) 12000
Listen Online Music (3MB) 2040
Watch YouTube Video (5MB) 1200
Watch Online Movie (500MB) 12

The deposit requirement

We believe a deposit will protect us against fraud and also encourage the careful use of our devices. It is always our intention and aim to promptly refund your deposit. When a customer is on a large tour there are already funds and deposits held by us, however for shorter tours of hotel bookings we do not have this protection and so charge a small deposit for short tours and then a slightly larger deposit for flight, hotel or non customers.

Certification & Security
Tips & Questions

How fast is the 3G speed?

The download speed is 7.2 Mbps to 21Mbps, which means 800k/s to 2333k/s. The speed depends on your location, the number of users using the service in that area, time of day, and other factors. You cannot expect to receive this speed, it is the maximum speed, and it is enough for most users’ web surfing and email needs. Video calls, movies or other high data services like file sharing P2P are not a good idea because it will quickly use your data allowance.

How do I pay for more data allowance?

Please contact us if you need more, so that we can send another 3G sim card(2 days for the delivery).

How do I get this package?

You will receive the package at the front desk or concierge of your hotel when you check in.

How can I visit Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in China?

We can provide VPN service($5) for those who wants to visit Social Networking and Blog sites while on vacation in China.
Mobile Connection Settings:
iPhone or iTouch | iPad | Android

How to check how much data I have used?

We can check it for you. Please contact us. Or you can find it on the device's screen(new generation only).

How do I return the package?

Return it to your guide or at a prearranged hotel. China highlights will arrange a pickup at the hotel.



Able to connect with Tablet, Laptop, notebook and different types of Wi-Fi devices

Support up to 5-8 Wi-Fi enable devices at the same time

One-touch connection and OLED screen display

Friendly user interface

5 hours working and 280 hours stand-by by battery (while Wi-Fi is off) *

*Depending on the state of network and environment

Product Spec

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n


HSPA+ data service up to 21.6 Mbps

HSUPA data service up to 5.76 Mbps

microSD Card Slot(Up to 32GB)

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Helped us a lot

" Anyway this possibility to stay connected has helped us a lot, due to we obviously didn’t speak Chinese, with a simple “app” we could translate words from English to Chinese and let us understand by Chinese people."

by Mr. Lamperti May.6 2013

Service was excellent

" Your rental service was excellent, really appreciate your fast delivery and also your free pick-up service. The battery life was very good, and the extra battery you provided was excellent. All in all, we are happy with your service. Will recommend to my friends who may be going to China. "

by Mr. Zaharah Apr.28 2013

Very good service

"very good service — thank you!"

by Miss. Kaye Mar.18 2013

Good price & very good service

" We were very happy with the portable Wi-Fi. Good price and more over very good service. I will recommend to every traveller in China! "

by Mr. JBG Nov.10 2012

Great service

" In terms of reviews, I would have to say that the best thing about this process was your service. You were always there when I called you, even on weekends. That is greatly appreciated. The service you have provided was excellent and because of that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. "

by Mr. Rex Sep.26 2012

Well worth it

" I think wi-fi rental was affordable and well worth it. During my 1.5 weeks stay in Bifengxia, first half was better. It was maintaining 3G or H for the most of the time. "

by Mr. Junko Apr.11 2013