Butterfly Valley


Urumqi Butterfly Valley is one of the three famous butterfly valleys in Xinjiang Province. It has the richest varieties of butterfly among the three butterfly valleys. The Urumqi Butterfly Valley is located on the outskirts of Urumqi. The local transportation is convenient. It is an ideal place for walking and taking pictures.


Urumqi Butterfly Valley is a small valley, which is located on the west of the Bogeda Peak of Tianshan Mountain. It belongs to the Low mountain grassland. In the Administrative division, it belongs to Lucaogou County, Dongshan District, Urumqi. There is only 20 kilometers away from the capital of Xinjiang Province. At the same time, the Urumqi Butterfly valley is also the pasture of the local Kazak farmer in winter. During the summer, it is not allowed to graze here.

In the Urumqi Butterfly valley, there are more than 20 kinds of butterflies living there. Between June, 10th and June 20 are the best time to visit the valley. There will be more than 100,000 butterflies at most in the valley. Among those beautiful butterflies, 70% of them belong to the orange nymphalis xanthomela Linnaeus.

Because of the good vegetation, the valley becomes the ideal living place for butterflies. The scenery there is beautiful. Many trees are growing there, such as elm, poplar, and hawthorn. Entering the valley, visitors can also find many beautiful flowers, including wild rose, white chrysanthemum, dandelions, blue myosotis, red Ormosia grass, and an unknown purple flower.

Questions and Answers About Butterfly Valley

Jeff Blain 2011-05-22
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Will be in Urumqi in October and have a day layover...........would it be worthwhile to come to the Butterfly Valley at that time?
Hi Jeff, The Butterfly Valley is famous because kinds of butterflies dance in the Valley in June. It gets much colder in October (usually it snows at the end of October in Urumqi), I have to say that the views in the Valley are not that attractive by that time. If your schedule already includes a visit to the Museum, the Tianchi /Heavenly Lake or the local markets, I have to say that we don't have more options for the day for the moment. Candy candy@chinahighlights.net Candy Wei replied on 2011-05-23
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