Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival, as known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and statutory holiday in China, occurring on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar. Main customs of the celebration include eating the rice dumpling (zongzi), hanging calamus, Artemsia argyi, smoked herb and Angelica dahurica, drinking Realgar wine (xionghuangjiu), and racing dragon boats.

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Q:Linda Beshears Asked on 2:15 PM Mar. 15 2014 Reply
Are there clothing stors that make custom suits and dress shirts?

Hi Linda Beshears,

Yes, there are still some traditional tailor's shops in Beijing and Shanghai, they are world-wide famous and have very long history, most of them are specialized in tailor-make traditional Chinese style cloths, such as Qipao and Tang suit. Please click HERE for a shop in Beijing.



Cecilia Peng Replied on 03:28 AM Mar. 16 2014
Thank you Cecilia for your quick responce. My trip to China is only

to Taipel. Would this city have the tailor shops? guest Replied on 11:21 AM Mar. 16 2014

Hi Linda,

Sorry that we have no information about the shop in Taipei, you can search for more inforamtion via internet.

Nice day!

Cecilia Cecilia Peng Replied on 04:12 AM Mar. 17 2014

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