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Weifang Attractions

Weifang’s attractions display the city’s role as one of the arts and crafts production centers in China. Weifang is internationally known as the world capital of kites, and the best way to explore its kite culture and history is to visit the World Kite Museum. Other attractions worth visiting include Yangjiabu Folklore Garden and Shihu Garden.

China Highlights’ Weifang tour provides travelers with a great opportunity to combine an exploration of Weifang with other highlights of Shandong Province.

Most Popular Weifang Attractions

Weifang Kite Museum

Weifang Kite Museum collects and displays fine kites which are both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, and cultural relics related to kites. There are 12 exhibition halls in the museum of about 2,000 ..

Yangjiabu Folklore Garden

Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden, located at Hanting District of Weifang city with an area of 10620 square kilometers, has been a culture exchanging window between Weifang and the outside world. Yangjiabu ..

Shihu Garden

Shihu Garden is the main part of Shihu Ancient Building Complex, located at 49 Hujia Paifang Street, Weicheng District of Weifang city, was the private garden of Ding Shanbao, a rich landlord of Weifang durin..