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Weifang Weather

Weifang is located in the north temperate monsoon zone, against Yi Mountain and borders Bohai Sea. It has mild climate and four distinct seasons with an average annual temperature of 12.3℃ and an average annual precipitation of 650mm. The average January temperature of Weifang is -3.2℃ and the average July temperature is 25.6 ℃.

Best time to go: spring and autumn. Weifang hosts International Kite Festival every spring (from April 20 to the end of May holiday), which should not be missed. Weifang World Kite Museum, Yiangjiabu Folk Garden and Shihu Garden are highly recommended. Autumn is also a good time for flying kites. Besides, Yi Mountain, famous for its all-over-mountain red maple leaves in autumn, and Old Dragon Lake, a fascinating scenic spots featuring springs, pools, bridges and many other historic buildings, are both very attractive.