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Weihai Attractions

Weihai, a port city, features a golden coastline and lively islands. The city’s major draw is Liugong Island, where Jiawu War Museum is located, a museum memorizing the humiliating Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895. In addition, the island provides some ideal hiking trails.

Most Popular Weihai Attractions

Jiawu War Museum

Liugong Island is one of the most important attractions in Wei Hai. In 1887 during the Qing Dynasty, the Northern Sea Navy was established and set it's headquarters on this island.A cluster of traditional brick..

Weihai International Beach Resort

The high quality sand, the clear-cut fours seasons, the clear sea water all contribute to the prestige of Weihai Beach as a bathing center. The thousands of acres of pine forest on one side of the beach offers ..


Chengshantou is situated on the easternmost point of the Shandong Peninsula.Ancient legend has it that this place is where the Sun God resides. According to history chronologies, Jiangziya , a consultant to the..