Weihai Shopping

Weihai is the nearest city to South Korea in China, so you can buy many cheap Korean goods here. As a coastal city, seafood must be the most famous special products here. If you like seafood, you can buy some in the local market. Weihai is the largest factory of fishing pole, and has a high reputation of it at home and abroad. Otherwise, several major shopping malls lie in the city center.

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Place to buy South Korean Costumes:

Weihai South Korean Costumes City

South Korean costumes are very popular in Weihai. In the Weihai South Korean City, you will be full of beautiful things in eyes, such as costumes, foods, and cosmetics and so on. Some of the costumes are real imported from South Korea, but some are false. As the shopkeepers always quote a high price, you could bargain with them. Anyway, it is a place for those who are interested in South Korea.
Chinese name: 威海韩国城  Weihai Hanguo Cheng/ way-heye han-gwor chnng /
Address: 39 North Haibin Road 海滨北路39号
Transportation: Take city bus Ferry Line 1 and take off at Keyun Matou Station (客运码头站).

Major Shopping Malls

Hualian Shopping Mansion

It is one of the shopping center that sells some luxury goods. The major products are daily utensils, food, textiles, electronic products, and sport products and so on.
Chinese name: 华联商厦 Hualian Shangsha
Address: 58 Xinwei Road, Huancui District 环翠区新威路58号
Transportation: Take city bus No.3, 4, 8, 15, 28, 43, 47, or 55 and take off at Hualian Shangcha Station (华联商厦站).

Weihai Department Store

It is a comprehensive store, selling about 40,000 kinds of commodities. You can also buy some special food and handicrafts here. Weihai Department Store is an old store, so it is very popular among the local people.
Chinese name: 百货大楼 Baihuo Dalou
Address: 64 Xinwei Road, Huancui District 环翠区新威路64号
Transportation: Take city bus No.3, 4, 8, 15, 28, 43, 47, or 55 and take off at Hualian Shangcha Station (华联商厦站).

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