Follow WWⅡ US Veteran Frank's Footsteps

Follow WWⅡ US Veteran Frank's Footsteps

On October 11th, 2008, 88-year-old American war veteran, Frank Gleason, Jr. arrived in China for the first time since 1944. He landed at Guiyang airport, accompanied by Richard Montgomery and Richard Martin.

In the Sino-Japanese War, 63 years ago, 24-year-old US Army Captain, Frank Gleason, came to China to help the Chinese fight against Japanese forces. He returned to China recently hoping to revisit the former battlefields. To make the old hero’s wish come true, China Highlights researched and made careful preparation for the visit, and was honored to provide our services on a complimentary basis. David Zhou from China Highlights and local guide Aggie met Frank and his two conpanions. Aggie presented flowers to Frank.

Frank and David Zhou

October 13th's Tour

Frank and his party departed from Guiyang for Dushan County. Frank firstly visited the War Monument and laid flowers. Then he walked to visit the Anti-War Culture Garden and Qiannan Incident Museum. Read more...

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Frank in hope school

October 14th & 15th's Tour

During the next two days, Frank visited the Jidao Miao Village of Kaili, Qianhu Miao Village of Xijiang and Shiqiao Miao Village. The ceremony upon entering the Jidao Miao Village, the technology of making papers in Shiqiao Miao Village and the folk customs left deep impression on Frank. Read more...

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October 16th's Tour

Frank ended his time in Guizhou and flew to Guilin. He was eager to meet a 92-year-old Guilinese, Zhihong Lin, who was an interpreter for the Flying Tigers during WWⅡ. Read more...

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October 17th's Tour

Frank went to Lin’s home where the two old men talked about the unforgettable times, and Lin showed many letters from Flying Tigers to Frank. Victor Shu a Director from China Highlights hosted a farewell lunch for Frank and his party. Read more...

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October 18th's Tour

On October 18th, Frank departed from Guilin by air. He stayed a short time in Shanghai, and then headed to the USA to end an another unforgettable time in China.

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