Wuhan Food

hubuxiangLocal snacks

The Chinese food in Wuhan is sort of a combination of western and coastal cuisine. Red pepper and sharp spice is used, but not as much as in Sichuan. Wuhan style cuisine focuses on preparation, cooking time and the appearance of the dishes. Fish and shellfish are available, but like the rest of China, most of the meat dishes are pork or chicken dishes.

Snacks such as buns, fried dumplings and omelets are also popular here. The quality of the sweet deserts is surprising. The rolls and a small semi-sweet pancake were especially good. The small pancakes are kind of like little soft cookies. This seems something unique to Wuhan, since it was unfamiliar.

There are also KFCs and etcetera opening up, but there are not as many of the western fast food places as in big coastal cities. But some Chinese chains selling western-style food substitute.

Wuhan is modernizing and hoping to attract western visitors, and more places are opening up. In Hankou, the American Cowboy Restaurant near the Shangri-la Hotel serves a buffet between 2 pm and 11 pm every day for 30 RMB. The food is good, and this place attracts middle-class Chinese people. Also in Hankou, near the Galaxy Plaza is the Yes Bar, a lively place serving western food. Finally, there is a great little western style bakery in the Holiday Inn Hotel.

In Wuchang, for almost authentic western-style pizza, deserts and coffee, there is Mr. Mai’s Coffee Shop that is owned by an American family. The food is good, but prices are higher than in a Chinese restaurant, but lower than a Starbucks. A lot of foreigners frequent the restaurant-coffee shop combo. It is located on Chuang Ye Street south of the East Lake Park and north of Wuluolu.