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Wuwei boasts a long history and a bright culture, which is considered as "a bright pearl"on the ancient Silk Road. As early as the Neolithic Age over 4,000 years ago, ancient people lived in the Wuwei Area . Over 2,100 years ago, Wuwei was controlled by the Xiongnu Nomadic Tribe, who built Zang Town, which was the original town at today's Wuwei City.

In 121 BC, emperor Hanwudi of the Wu Dynasty dispatched general Huoqubin to conquer the Xiongnu Tribe. General Huoqubin's army defeated the Xiongnu and took over the region in Hexi Corridor. Wuwei County was then set up to govern the region.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Emperor Wendi of the Wei State established Liang Prefecture, which means Cold Prefecture. It was so named because the region was cold all year round. Liang Prefecture for the first time became one of the thirteen prefectures of the country, after which Wuwei gained its prominent role in Chinese history.

During the East Jin and Sixteen Kingdoms Period, the country split into many different states, with the East Jin controlling much of the south and sixteen different states ruling in the north. Former Liang, Later Liang, South Liang and North Liang set up their capitals in Wuwei successively. At the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, Ligui controlled Wuwei and set up the Great Liang Kingdom. Its role as capital for five successive states brought Wuwei more fame and significance.

In 1028 during the Song Dynasty, Dangxiang Tribe,controlled Liang Prefecture and set up West Liang Prefecture. In 1038, the Dangxiang Tribe established their Kingdom, the West Xia Kingdom, and made Liang Prefecture second in power only to its capital . Liangzhou was under West Xia's reign for about 190 years.

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