Wuxi Muslim Restaurants

Chong’an District

1. The 9th Century Halal Restaurant

The restaurant mainly serves Muslim food that is fresh, tasty and delicate. The decoration of the restaurant is also impressive, with white and green as the main colors. Pointed arches on the walls, marble flooring, small fountains, green trees and music in the air, all combine features of a Chinese building with those of an Arab one, to make the restaurant clean, bright and elegant.

  • Chinese name: Jiushiji A’labo Fengqiang Qingzhen Canting 九世纪阿拉伯风情清真餐厅
  • Recommended dishes: roasted mutton chops (烤羊排), boiled milk with fruits (草原牛奶羹), roast lamb ridge (烤羊脊), and boiled noodles with fish (石锅三角峰)
  • Average price per person: 72 yuan
  • Address: 586 South Jiefang Road, Chong’an Distict (崇安区解放南路586号)
  • Tel: 0510-82760977
  • Bus routes: 5, 68, 70, 96 or 135, then get off at the Mosque (清真寺)

2. Muslim’s Song in Grassland

Different from other similar halal restaurants, the restaurant primarily serves various kinds of hot pots made with ingredients of Muslim food. Beef and mutton, fresh and tender, are the two most popular foods. Besides its delicious taste, the other attraction of the meat it offers is that it is served as a buffet. With a savory soup base and special peanut sauce or sesame paste, you can enjoy a distinctive Muslim dish. What’s more, the services that the restaurant offers are considerate and passionate. Before you finish the meat on your plate, the waiters will offer you more meat spontaneously.

  • Chinese name: Caoyuan Muge 草原穆歌
  • Average price per person: 33 yuan
  • Address: 16-3 Changqing Road, Chong’an District (崇安区长庆路16-3号)
  • Tel: 0510-82302977
  • Bus routes: 3, 28, 61, 100, 102, 112, 311 or 501, then get off at Changqing Road (长庆路)

3. Green Willow House

With nearly a hundred years’ history, the time-honored restaurant is famous for its Muslim vegetarian food that is like meat both in its appearance and taste. With constant improvement year by year, it has won many prizes in cooking competitions and has formed nine specialties called ‘must-have food’, which attract many customers.

  • Chinese name: Lu Liu Ju 绿柳居
  • Recommended dishes: fried beef dumplings (牛肉锅贴), hot and sour soup (酸辣汤), steamed vegetarian bun (素包子), and basted lamb leg (烤羊腿)
  • Average price per person: 13 yuan
  • Address: 2115 Huangting Square, Pedestrian Street, Chong’an Temple, Chong’an District (崇安区崇安寺步行街皇亭广场2115号)
  • Tel: 0510-82725758
  • Bus routes: 12, 25, 30, 118, 201, 208, 211 or 311, then get off at the International Hotel (国际饭店)

Questions and Answers About Wuxi Muslim Restaurants

ALI 2014-04-17
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Dear Sir or Madam, I am not sure which is RAMA hotel and i could not find any information about it. Could you give me more details, so that I will check if there are some Muslim restaurants near the hotel. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-18
SYU 2014-03-21
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Any halal restaurant near Xiang Mei International Hotel.
Halal restanrant is not aviable in Wuxi. guest replied on 2014-03-22
IRIS QUEK 2014-03-18
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Any halal food near double tree hilton hotel at Wuxi?

Hi IRIS, yes, there are halal food restaurants within 1km from the hotel. E.g. There is one in No.42, Hangjiang North Road, Binhu District.  

Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-18
azmi 2013-09-10
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I`m going to Wuxi,National Hi-tech Industry development zone and probaly stay in Ibis wixi hi-tech. Is there any halal food (muslim food) restaurant nearby and shanghai pudong nearby.

There are Halal food restauant in Shanghai Pudong area, but not sure about Wuxi.

Lily Guo replied on 2013-09-12
javed iqbal 2013-06-10
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hi can i planning a trip to wuxi

Of course you can. Do you need any tour service from us?

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-06-13
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